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Books and Manuals

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Journal Articles, Proceedings, Book Chapters, etc.

Ruth, S. and SosorburamT. (2022). Digital Tablets in Prisons and Jails—Is There Evidence That They Can Help To Reduce Recidivism?” Proceedings of the INTED Conference, Valencia, Spain March 2022 

Ruth, S. and SosorburamT. (2021).  “Online Learning Solutions in Jails and Prisons—Could a GED e-Learning Paradigm Succeed?  Edulearn Conference, Barcelona,, August 2021

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(Proceedings on  CDROM)

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Business Cases Prepared for Sponsored Grants

With J. M. Alvarez, Osborne and Larios: Considering a Merger During Times of Tense Competitiveness in World Markets, Business Case prepared under a Department of Education grant, managed by School of Business Administration, George Mason University,  September 1993 53 pp

With J. Jirasek, After Privatization‑‑A Buyout: Avia Seeks New Markets Outside Czechoslovakia After the Velvet Revolution Business Case prepared as part of Department of Education grant managed by School of Business Administration, George Mason University, July 1992  42 pp

TACT Inc., Trying to Climb the Technology Mountain, Funds for Excellence Grant from the Virginia State Council of Higher Education, managed by School of Business Administration, George Mason University, June 1991 28 pp

Software A&E, Seeking a Market for Reusable Software, Funds for Excellence Grant from the Virginia State Council of Higher Education, managed by School of Business Administration, George Mason University, April 1991 40 pp

Other Publications

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