Research Colleagues

ICASIT’s research colleagues, current and past, represent a broad spectrum of interests. They have either participated in an ICASIT project directly or have shown interest in a specific ICASIT  task. In aggregate these individuals have consulted with over forty organizations and have produced hundreds of published articles and over a dozen books.

Dr. Mark Addleson, Ph.D., University of Witwatersrand

Dr. Phillip Auerswald, Ph.D. University of Washington

Mr George Bennett, MS George Mason University

Dr. Joel Foreman, Ph.D., George Washington University

Dr. Barbara Fillip, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Mr. Jiwan Giri, PhD Candidate, George Mason University

Mr. Sean Gorman, PhD, School of Public Policy, GMU

Dr. Arnauld Nicogossian, MD

Mr. Muhabir Pun

Dr. Barry Render, PhD University of Cincinnati

Dr. Catherine Rudder, Ph. D. Ohio State University

Dr. Stephen Ruth, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Tojo Thatchenkery, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Ted Tschudy, Ph.D., American University