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Cyber Threats
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National Broadband Plans & Universal Services
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One Laptop per Child (OLPC)
Outsourcing IT
Patriot Act
Phishing and Spam
Piracy & Napster Technology
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Records Digitalization
Revenge Porn
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Web Analytics
Smart Grid
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Spectrum Management
Technological Failures
Technology and Religion
The World is Flat
Think Tanks
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Wearable Technology

3D Printing

  1. Website with a comprehensive and brief overview of what 3D printing is, how it works, the 3D Printing industry, and its influence on other industries and fields.
  2. Article: World’s first 3D-printed printed bridge opens in Netherlands
  3. Article: New startup aims to cut price of rocket launches down by 90% using 3D-printing
  4. Video: US Navy’s first 3D-printed submarine (prototype)
  5. Report: 3D printing from EY
  6. Report: “The State of 3D Printing” from Sculpteo

4D Printing

  1. Article: The potential of 4D Printing in the aerospace industry
  2. Article: New breakthrough in 4D-printing
  3. Video: Director of self-assembly lab at MIT explains the potential of 4D-printing
  4. Video: MIT produces shape-shifting pasta using 4D-printing
  5. Article & Videos: “4D Printing: A technology coming from the future”

4G Technologies

  1. Article & Video: Explaining 4G, its predecessors, and its future
  2. Article: History of mobile technology
  3. Article: Differences between 4G & LTE
  4. Video: The evolution from 1G to 4G
  5. Report: “The State of LTE” from OpenSignal

5G Technology

  1. Article: What 5G Technology is, how it works, and projections of its arrival time
  2. Article: How 5G will impact the global economy and industries
  3. Video: Everything you need to know about 5G
  4. Report: “The 5G economy: How 5G technology will contribute to the global economy” from HIS Economics & HIS Technology

Ambient Intelligence

  1. Article: The application of Ambient Intelligence in making business decisions
  2. Article: Discussion of Ambient Intelligence as a major element in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”
  3. Video: Talk from Eyeris CEO on Vision Intelligence & Ambient Intelligence
  4. Report: “When everything is media: The future of ambient communications” from IFTF
  5. Report: “A Smart City Based on Ambient Intelligence” by Tomoaki Ohtsuki

Audio Fingerprint

  1. Article: Audio Fingerprint and its applications in the music industry
  2. Article: Apple granted patent for acoustic fingerprint technology that could replace current Touch ID
  3. Article & Video: Apple’s new patent allows people to make emergency calls and other command using fingerprints and tab patterns
  4. Report: “Audio Fingerprinting for Speech Reconstruction and Recognition in Noisy Environments” by Feng Li
  5. Report: “A Review of Audio Fingerprinting” by Pedro Cano & Eloi Batlle
  6. Report: “Audio Hashprints: Theory & Application” by Timothy Jwoyen Tsai

Autonomous Vehicles

  1. Article: The estimated value of the self-driving vehicle market
  2. Article: Basic things you need to know about self-driving cars
  3. Article: Ford’s CEO’s perspective on the future of autonomous vehicles
  4. Video: TED Talk on driverless cars and moral decisions
  5. Report: “Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality: Lessons from Boston and Beyond” from BCG

Big Data

  1. A beginner’s guide to big data
  2. Article & Video: Explaining Big Data
  3. Video: TED Talk on Big Data and its pitfalls
  4. Article: 5 myths of Big Data
  5. Article: “How Companies Say They’re Using Big Data”
  6. Report: “The Age of Analytics: Competing in A Data-Driven World” from Mckinsey Global Institute
  7. Report: Survey results for “Big Data Executive Survey” from NVP


  1. Article: Apple’s new products and technology could raise awareness of biometrics security
  2. Article: What to expect next in biometrics on your phone
  3. Article & Video: Biometrics as the end to passwords
  4. Report: “Special Report: Biometrics in Law Enforcement” from Biometrics Research Group
  5. Report: “Biometrics in Healthcare” from Biometrics Research Group
  6. Report: “Mobile Biometric Applications” from Biometrics Research Group
  7. Report: “DOD Biometrics and Forensics: Progress Made in Establishing Long-term Deployable Capabilities, but Further Actions Are Needed” from U.S. Government Accountability Office


  1. Article: JP Morgan’s CEO’s comments on Bitcoin
  2. Article: Story of millennials making fortune trading bitcoin
  3. Article: What bitcoin is and how it works
  4. Video: Explaining Bitcoin
  5. Report: “Terrorist Use of Virtual Currencies” from CNAS
  6. Report: “Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem” by Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and Tali Oberman
  7. Report: “Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study” by Dr Garrick Hileman & Michel Rauchs
  8. Report: “Bitcoins India Report 2017” by Vallari Dubey & Team, Vinod Kothari Consultants

Cloud (Digital) Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

  1. Article: Explanation of what DMCA is and how it works
  2. Article: Current state of the DMCA and its flaws
  3. Video: Short lecture on DMCA
  4. Report: A study of section 1201 of title 17, a part of the DMCA, from U.S. Copyright Office

Cloud Computing

  1. Article: Discussion on the limits and challenges of cloud computing when facing current and future demands
  2. Article: Estimation of future market size of cloud computing
  3. Article & Video: Discussing the “The Cloud” and its heart located in Loudoun County
  4. Video: Explaining what cloud computing is
  5. Report: “Cloud Computing: Industry Report & Investment Case” from Nasdaq
  6. Report: “How Cloud Computing Enables Modern Manufacturing” by Stephen Ezell & Bret Swanson

Context-Aware Computing

  1. Video: A Ted talk on how Context-Aware Computing (AI) can make technology “disappear”
  2. Article: Context-Aware technology and the utilities industry
  3. Report: “Understanding and Using Context” by Anind K. Dey

Convergence, Interoperability & Quadruple Play IP

  1. Article: Interoperability challenges and opportunities in the digital age
  2. Article: India’s expansion of the QR code based payment system
  3. Report: “Bundling, consumer retention and entry: evidence from fixed broadband market” by Lukasz Gryzbowski, Julienne Liang, and Christine Zulehner


  1. Article: Crowdsourcing as a talent development strategy
  2. Article: MIT utilizes crowdsourcing to track and map flooding
  3. Video: GE Transportation uses crowdsourcing to solve its problems
  4. Report: “Conscious crowdsourcing” from Weber Shandwick
  5. Report: (provide information to obtain a PDF version of) “The state of crowdsourcing in 2017: The Age of Ideation” from eYeka


  1. Article: A beginner’s guide to cryptocurrencies
  2. Article: Discussion on cryptocurrency as an investment
  3. Article & Video: Other important Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin
  4. White Paper: “Realizing the Potential of Blockchain: A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to the Stewardship of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies”
  5. Report: Q3 2017 Cryptocurrency Report from CoinGecko
  6. Report: “The Economics of Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Beyond”


  1. Article: The beginner’s guide to Cryptography
  2. Article: The science behind Cryptocurrencies, Cryptography
  3. Video: Lecture on different types of cryptography
  4. Website providing an extensive and detailed overview of Cryptography
  5. Report: “Report on Lightweight Cryptography” from the ITL at the NIST

Cyber Intelligence and Protection Act

  1. Article: Four most shocking internet privacy laws
  2. Article: Cybersecurity experts urge faster threat alerts from homeland security
  3. ITL BULLETIN FOR MAY 2017 – “Cyber-Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing” from ITL

Cyber Threats

  1. Report: An Accenture report on top Cyber threats of 2017
  2. Video: TED Talk on cyber warfare
  3. Article & Video: “Cyber threats and how the United States should prepare”
  4. Report: “Data Sharing Needs Refinement” from Lexington Institute
  5. Report: “The State of Cybersecurity in Mexico: An Overview” from the Wilson Center

Data Mining

  1. Article: How restaurants can leverage data mining
  2. Article: Data mining explained
  3. Video: A talk from Seth Stephens Davidowitz on data mining
  4. Report: 2016 Data Mining Reports to Congress from DHS

Data Theft

  1. Article & Video: How to prepare for the next Equifax-type data theft
  2. Article: Identity theft reaches new height
  3. Article & Video: The 16 biggest data breaches of the 21st century
  4. Report: “Data Breach Reports – 2016 End of Year Report” form Identity Theft Resource Center

Defense Applications & Social Networking

  1. Article: Social media checks can be performed on visa applicants
  2. Article: Russia’s utilization of social media in the annexation of Crimea
  3. Report: “2017 Cyberthreat Defense Report” from the Cyber Edge Group

Digital Books (e-reader)

  1. Article: “A dilemma: Digital or paper?”
  2. Video: TED Talk by Mike Matas demonstrating an interactive book for the iPad
  3. Article: Tug of war between paper and digital books
  4. Article: Discussion on the 2017 Global Ebook Report
  5. Report: “Global eBook (2014): A report on market trends and development” by Rudiger Wischenbart
  6. Report: “Academic Books and their Future” by Michael Jubb
  7. Report: “Turning the Page: The Future of eBooks” from PWC

Digital Divide

  1. Article: “The Unacceptable Persistence of the Digital Divide”
  2. Article & Video: The digital divide between rural and urban areas in America
  3. Article: Interview transcript between The Hechinger Report and Rory Kennedy on the digital divide
  4. Report: “Bridging the Digital Divide: Measuring Digital Literacy”
  5. Report: “Broadband Internet Access and the Digital Divide: Federal Assistance Programs”
  6. Report: “World Investment Report 2017: Investment and The Digital Divide” from UNCTAD

Digitization and Copyright Law

  1. Blog: A post on the “long and complex relationship” between copyright law and new technologies
  2. Article: “The impact of copyright law on the digitalization of library collections in academic libraries in Malaysia”
  3. Video: TED Talk on copyright laws
  4. Report: “Advancing the National Digital Platform: The State of Digitization in US Public and State Libraries” from OCLC
  5. Journal: “The impact of copyright law on the digitalization of library collections in academic libraries in Malaysia”

Disaster Preparedness/Recovery

  1. Article: Findings from a survey measuring America’s disaster preparedness.
  2. Video: Disaster preparedness checklist
  3. Video: 5 tips to keep family safe during earthquakes
  4. Video: TED Talk on the refugee crisis as a test of our character
  5. Report: “Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Guide for Local Governments” from FEMA
  6. Report: “Rebuild the plane now: recommendations for improving government’s approach to disaster recovery and preparedness” by Holly M. Leicht


  1. Article: How Doxxing became a weapon in the cultural war
  2. Article: Discussion on U.K.’s new anti-doxxing law
  3. Article: Reeses’s Puffs’ new strategy using doxxing
  4. Journal: “Organizational Doxing: Disaster on the Doorstep” by Colin J.A. Oldberg
  5. Report: “The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anaymity and Fake News Online” from the Pew Research Center


  1. Article: “The E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study 2017: 15 Essential Takeaways”
  2. Article: “The Growing Role Of Automation In E-Commerce”
  3. Article: Discussion on the implications of having the mentality of separating e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar stores
  4. Article: China’s equivalent of “Cyber Monday”, 11/11 aka “singles day”
  5. Report: “China E-Retail Market Report 2016” form Deloitte
  6. Report: “eCommerce in China – the future is already here” form PWC
  7. Article & Video: The booming scene of e commerce in China


  1. Article: EU’s new initiative to accelerate adoption of e-government services
  2. Report: Office of Management and Budget’s 2016 e-gov report
  3. Report: E-Government Survey 2016 from the UN
  4. Video: “Korea’s e-Government: Future of e-Government”


  1. Article: Advantages & disadvantages of online gambling
  2. Article & Video: Discussion on the possibility of the return of legal online gambling
  3. Article & Video: Australia’s gambling issue
  4. Report: “Industry Report – European Online Gambling”


  1. Article: E-Learning’s rise
  2. Article: Online courses as an activity for the elderly
  3. Report: “2017 Online Education Trends Report”
  4. Report: “Online Learning Report” from GoConqr
  5. Video: Ted Talk – “The Era of Online Learning”

Electric Car/Electro-mobility

  1. Article: Electric cars’ impact on oil demand and consumption
  2. Article: General Motors plans towards an “all-electric future”
  3. Article: China’s demand for new energy vehicles accelerates the development of electric cars
  4. Report: “Choosing the Electric Avenue: Unlocking Savings, Emissions Reductions, and Community, Benefits of Electric Vehicles” from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance
  5. Report: “Global EV Outlook 2017” from the International Energy Agency
  6. Video: Explanation of the engineering behind electric


  1. Article: E-Sports’ development and issues
  2. Article: E-sports’ current condition and discussions of its future
  3. Article & Video: Story of pro female e-sports gamers
  4. Article & Video: Colleges are offering scholarships to e-sports athletes.
  5. Report: “2017 Global Esports Market Report” from Newzoo


  1. Article: A discussion on E-Voting’s feasibility after the advent of Blockchain
  2. Article: Estonia could serve as the model for how nations interact with its citizens in the future
  3. Article & Video: Vulnerability of voting machines and the network behind election systems
  4. Report: “Cost of Voting” from WebRoots Democracy
  5. Report: “The Business of Voting” from University of Pennsylvania


  1. Article: The future of electronic waste
  2. Article: Opportunities in the e-waste industry
  3. Article: “E-Waste and the Importance of Electronics Recycling”
  4. Report: “The Global E-Waste Monitor” from United Nations University
  5. Report: “Regional E-Waste Monitor: East and Southeast Asia” by Shuichi Honda, Deepali Sinha Khetriwal, and Ruediger Kuehr
  6. Video: “Reassembling Rubbish & Worlding Electronic Waste” by Josh Lepawsky

Face Recognition

  1. Article: Challenges and next steps for facial recognition technology
  2. Article: Questions and answers about Apple’s new facial recognition system with the introduction of iPhone X
  3. Article & Video: Apple lets suppliers to lower its Face ID system accuracy to speed up production
  4. Report: “Face Recognition Technology – DOJ and FBI Need to Take Additional Actions to Ensure Privacy and Accuracy” from U.S. GAO
  5. Video: “Facial recognition technology will change the way we live”


  1. Article: Changes in the gaming industry over the last decade
  2. Article: Warriors and Cavaliers moves into the competitive gaming scene
  3. Report: “Video Games in the 21st Century” from ESA
  4. Report: “Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry” from ESA
  5. Video: “Revenue Generation in the Gaming Industry”

Glasses free 3D

  1. Article: New technological breakthroughs by MIT for 3D experience at home
  2. Article: Pros & Cons of glasses-free 3D movies
  3. Report: “Virtual reality & Augmented reality – Hype? Or serious business?” from Brabant Development Agency
  4. Video: “Glasses-Free 3D with Light Field”


  1. Article: A breakdown of today’s most common hacking techniques
  2. Article: “What hacktivism in information technology”
  3. Report: “Russia’s Approach to Cyber Warfare” by Michael Connell and Sarah Vogler
  4. Video: “Art and Hacktivism”
  5. Video: Ted Talk – “Hire the hackers!” by Misha Glenny

HDTV & HD Radio

  1. Article: Dissection on the differences between Digital TV and HD TV
  2. Article: “The problem with HD Radio”
  3. Report: “Digital Dashboard Best Practices” from National Association of Broadcasters
  4. Video: Joe D’Angelo, SVP of Broadcast Radio, discussing the current state and the future of HD radio

Health IT

  1. Article: Challenges for health IT interoperability
  2. Article: 4 things to know about MIT and Harvard’s new development in CRISPR
  3. Report: “Health Information Technology – Annual Report” from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  4. Report: “FDASIA Health IT Report” from The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
  5. Report: “Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Health Care Industry”
  6. Video: Talk on the historical development of Health Information Technology
  7. Video: Lecture on population health management and health IT
  8. Report: “The Internet-of-Things – A Revolutionary Digital Tool for the Healthcare Industry” from Deloitte

Hypertargeting & Personalization

  1. Article: Hypertargeting as the future of marketing
  2. Article: “How to use hypertargeting to find ideal customers on social media”
  3. Report: “The Power of Emotion and Personalization – How Brands Can Understand and Meet Consumer Expectations” from InMoment
  4. Video: Sharing of a “customer-centric framework for personalization”

Information Technology Security

  1. Article: IT’s biggest security threats
  2. Article: “4 ways to be mindful about IT security”
  3. Report: “Internet Security Threat Report” from Symantec
  4. Report: Cyber Security Report from Telstra
  5. Report: “Security Awareness Report” from SANS
  6. Report: “Cybersecurity Threats, Challenges, Opportunities” from ACS
  7. Video: “Information Security: Basic Principles”

Intellectual Property

  1. Article: China’s IP issues
  2. Article: Developing countries’ counter attack on current IP policies
  3. Report: “The Theft of American Intellectual Property: Reassessments of the Challenge and United States Policy”
  4. Report: “Annual Intellectual Property Special Report” from Raconteur and INTA
  5. Video: Lecture on Intellectual Property

Internet Censorship

  1. Infographics: Internet censorship around the world
  2. Article: China’s new internet censorship initiatives
  3. Article: Key findings from a study on censorship conducted by Freedom House
  4. Article & Video: India’s rising internet censorship
  5. Report: “The Shifting Landscape of Global Internet Censorship” by Jonathan Zittrain, Robert Faris, Helmi Noman, Justin Clark, Casey Tilton, and Ryan Morrison-Westphal
  6. Video: China’s Great Firewall and new updates

Internet Dating

  1. Article: Current state of online dating
  2. Article & Video: How online dating is changing the society
  3. Article: “First evidence that online dating is changing the nature of society”
  4. Report: “Marriage, Choice, and Couplehood in the Age of the Internet” by Michael J. Rosenfeld
  5. Report: “How Public is MY Private Life? Privacy in Online Dating” by Camille Cobb and Tadayoshi Kohno
  6. Video: Ted Talk – “How I Hacked Online Dating” by Amy Webb

Internet Demographics and Major Global Indices

  1. 2017 statistics of world internet users
  2. Internet/Broadband fact sheet from Pew Research Center
  3. Report: “Akamai’s State of the Internet”
  4. Report: “Digital in 2017: Global Overview” from We Are Social
  5. Video: Ted Talk – “Social Media and the End of Gender” by Johanna Blakley

Internet Governance

  1. A transcript of Dr. Roxana Radu’s research and findings on internet governance.
  2. Article: “10 major trends in internet governance”
  3. Report: “An Overview of Internet Governance and Infrastructure in the Phillippines”
  4. Report: “Final Report from The 11th Internet Governance Forum”
  5. Video: “Cyber Security and Internet Governance – Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith”

Internet of Things

  1. Article: Internet of Things’ future and its potential impact on the world
  2. Article: Concerns and possibilities regarding IoT
  3. Article & Video: “AI and IoT will drive digital transformation through 2020”
  4. Report: “Internet of Things – The Next Big Opportunity For Media Companies” from Accenture
  5. Report: “Internet of Things – Status and implications of an increasingly connected world” from U.S. GAO
  6. Report: “State of the Market: Internet of Things 2017” from Verizon
  7. Video: “Fundamentals of the Internet of Things”

Internet Regulation

  1. Article: Internet regulation’s role in combating extremist and terrorism
  2. Article: Discussion on a new bill that requires advertisement buyers and publisher to disclose their name in the ad itself
  3. Report: “The Net Neutrality Debate: Access to Broadband Networks: from Congressional Research Services
  4. Video: “FCC Chair Ajit Pai on Internet Regulation”

Internet Service Provider Filtering

  1. Article: China’s actions against What’s App
  2. Article: “56 groups call for deletion of internet filtering provision in EU copyright proposal”
  3. Report: “Enhancing Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem” by Tim Polk
  4. Article & Video: FCC prohibits 9 companies from providing internet service to low-income groups

Internet Taxation

  1. Article: E.U.’s stance on internet taxation
  2. Article: President Trump on internet sales tax
  3. Report: “Paying Taxes 2018” from World Bank Group & PWC
  4. Video: “Internet giants: Too big to be taxed?”


  1. Article: Internt2’s recent changes in leadership
  2. Article: What Internet2 is
  3. Article: CENIC, PNWGP, and Internet2 renew their collaboration, and what the renewal means
  4. Report: “Proposals for Building our Nation’s Broadband Future”
  5. Report: “Internet2 Trust and Identify Accomplishments”
  6. Video: “The Internet2 Community: Enabling the Future”

Knowledge Management

  1. Article: Knowledge management’s place in the business environment
  2. Blog: Three ways to enhance the effectiveness of knowledge management
  3. Article: Explaining what knowledge management is
  4. Video: Knowledge management overview in 5 minutes
  5. Briefing: “How Knowledge Management Could Transform the UN Development System”
  6. Report: “ECE Knowledge Management Strategy and Action Plan”

Leap Motion

  1. Article: Leap Motion’s recent moves to advance VR technologies
  2. Article: Former Leap Motion employees find new solution to authentication
  3. Report: Virtual Puppetry: Real-time gestural control of 3D facial models” by Rithvik Gambhir
  4. Video: “Leap Motion CEO & co-founder Michael Buckwald demos VR hand tracking”
  5. Video: “Augmented Reality Tutorial: LEAP MOTION HAND TRACKING in AR/VR with Unity Vuforia”

Legislative Initiatives

  1. Article: Legislative initiatives and their impact on small businesses
  2. Article & Video: The 53 bills signed by President Trump and what they do
  3. Report: “2017 End-of-Session Report State Innovation Exchange”
  4. Report: “Three Years: Expanding the New Virginia Economy”
  5. Article & Video: Trump’s administration’s accomplishments in the first 100 days

M Banking and Microfinance

  1. Article: Insights into today’s mobile banking climate
  2. Article & Video: “Mobile banking trends 2017-2018”
  3. Report: “Banking on the future – The roadmap to becoming the baking partner of Gen Y professionals” from KPMG
  4. Link to download – “ING International Seurvey Mobile Banking 2017 report”
  5. Report: “Digital Banking Benchmark – Improving the digital performance” from Deloitte Luxembourg
  6. Video: “Is Mobile Banking a Good Idea?” from Bloomberg

Major Technology Trends

  1. Article: Three technology trends that have dominated 2017
  2. Article: “Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018”
  3. Video: “10 hottest tech skills for 2017”
  4. Video: “7 amazing technologies we’ll see by 2030”
  5. Article: “10 Breakthrough Technologies – 2017” from MIT Technology Review
  6. Report: “Technology for People – The Era of the Intelligent Enterprise” from Accenture
  7. Report: “Tech Trends 2017”

Malware and Spyware

  1. Explanation of how malwares attack networks via cloud
  2. Article: “Hackers linked to Chinese government used mobile malware to spy on ethnic minority”
  3. Video: Lesson on Malware
  4. Report: “Analysis of Malware Trends for Small and Medium Business”
  5. Report: “Kaspersky Security Bulletin – Overall Statistics for 2016”

Mobile Applications

  1. Article: Precautious measures that could protect you from apps that collect information about you
  2. Article: “How artificial intelligence is driving mobile app personalization”
  3. Video: “Microsoft Build 2017 – Designing mobile applications”
  4. Report: “2017 Mobile Gaming Apps Report” from LiftOff
  5. Link for downloading “The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report

Municipal Broadband

  1. Article: Discussing the pros and cons of municipal broadband
  2. Article: Fort Collins will vote on whether to have municipal broadband
  3. Article: Discussion on Comcast’s fate if municipal broadband takes off
  4. Article: “Comcast Tries To Stop Colorado City From Even Talking About Building Its Own Broadband Network”
  5. Article: Voters in Fort Collins, Colorado, voted yes to build city’s own broadband network despite Comcast’s campaign against the initiative.
  6. Report: “How Broadband Populists Are Pushing for Government-Run Internet One Step at a Time” from Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
  7. Report: “Public Investment in Broadband Infrastructure: Lessons from the U.S. and Abroad” form the Technology Policy Institute
  8. Video: ISP spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for anti-broadband campaign


  1. Article: Nanotechnology applications in injury recovery
  2. Video: Ted Talk – “The next step in nanotechnology”
  3. Interview transcript: Chad Mirkin and Teri Odom, director and associate director of International Institute for Nontechnology at Northwestern University
  4. Report: “Nanotechnology in Agricultural Production”
  5. Report: “Report to the President and Congress on the Third Assessment of the National Nanotechnology Initiative”
  6. Video: Ted Talk – “The next step in nanotechnology” by George Tulevski

National Broadband Plans & Universal Services

  1. Article: Discussion on Australia’s challenges with its National Broadband Network
  2. Article: Ireland’s National Broadband Plan
  3. Article & Video: Explaining NBN’s website that can inform you about estimated timeframe of service availability in your area
  4. Report: “The State of Broadband: Broadband catalyzing sustainable development”
  5. Report: “A Global Broadband Plan for Refugees” from Migration Policy Institute\
  6. Video: “Senate & House Democrats Unveil ‘A Better Deal On Universal High-Speed Internet’”

Net Neutrality

  1. Article: Explaining what net neutrality is and its significance
  2. Website with a collection of information and videos about net neutrality
  3. Video: Ted Talk – “A Magna Carta for the web”
  4. Article & Video: “What’s at stake with the FCC’s net neutrality vote”
  5. Short Video: What Net Neutrality
  6. Report: “It’s Working: How the Internet Access and Online Video Markets Are Thriving in the Title II Era”

Niagara Framework

  1. Video: An overview of the Niagara Framework
  2. Article: Huawei and Honeywell announce collaboration to develop “Smart Buildings”
  3. Article: Introduction to Tridium and the Niagara Framework
  4. Video: Demo/overview of the Tridium system

One Laptop per Child (OLPC)

  1. Article: Criticisms for Maine’s “One Laptop Per Child” initiative
  2. Video: Ted Talk – “Taking OLPC to Colombia”
  3. Collection of blogs of stories from around the world concerning OLPC
  4. Video: “Chancellor’s Lecture 2017: Connectivity as a Human Right”
  5. Report: “Annual Report OLPC 2016”
  6. Report: “The Effect of One Laptop per Child on Teachers’ Pedagogical Practices and Students’ Use of Time at Home” by Gustavo Yamada, Pablo Lavado, and Guadalupe Montenegro

Outsourcing IT

  1. Article: The pros and cons of outsourcing IT vs. in-house IT
  2. Article: “IBM Should Cut Down On Outsourcing To India”
  3. Report: “State of the Outsourcing Shared services, and Operations Industry 2017” from KPMG
  4. Report: “Outsourcing Public Services Across Local Government – Survey Report 2017”
  5. Video: Lesson on how to “improve your IT outsourcing strategy for maximum value today and tomorrow”

Patriot Act

  1. Article: Discussion on the future of the controversial spying program
  2. Article: “French Muslims enraged by passage of Macron’s version of Patriot Act”
  3. Short Video: Major facts and provisions of the Patriot Act
  4. Report: “Report to Congress on Implementation of Section 1001 of the USA Patriot Act”
  5. Video: Ted Talk – “How the US Government Spies on People Who Protest – Including You” by Jennifer Granick

Phishing and Spam

  1. Article: New phishing schemes exploiting Google Docs
  2. Article & Video: “How to identify the different types of phishing attacks”
  3. Report: “Phishing Activity Trends Report”


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