5G Technology

“Crazy fast” 5 G

5G – Wikipedia
5G is the next major phase of mobile telecommunication standard beyond the current 4G standards. 5G standards may be introduced approximately in the early 2020s.

5G and the Future of Wireless Networks

A Look Into the Future: 5G Network Speeds and When They’ll Arrive
Basic 5G information about what 5G is, who develops 5G, how fast 5G is and other information

Five Reasons to Get Excited about 5G Networks
What exactly do we get when we deliver a 5G network? Even though we could not define what 5G is, both Europe and Asia are committed to spending billions of dollars to make 5G into reality. This article shows five examples of innovations that 5G might make possible.

Towards 5G
Europeans telecommunications industry takes the lead to develop 5G technologies, which would ensure EU economic growth and jobs.

5G and the Cloud
Cloud computing are limited in the mobile device itself. As the increasing numbers of people using smart phones and tablets to access the Internet, a more developed wireless infrastructure is required. 5G technologies should deliver the best that cloud can offer.

What 5G can do for You
5G won’t just be faster; it will bring new functionalities with high social and economic value for us.