Ideal Online Student


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

The MOOC Survivors
This article tries to pinpoint the population of students that is best suited for succeeding in MOOCs.

Characteristics of Successful Distance Learners
This website lays out a list of what it takes to be successful in distance education.

Characteristics of Distance Learning Students
This web page visually breaks down the online student population at WPI. In addition, it also explains what type of student is most likely destined for success.

The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications
This scholarly article describes the evolution of the online student and how the demographic has changed over time. With a changing demographic is a changing learning preference.

Characteristics of a Successful Distance Learner
This web page is a list put together by Iowa Learning Online that outlines what a successful distance learner would be.

New Government Data Sheds Light on Online Learners
This article gives a statistical breakdown of students taking online courses based on state, region, institution, and a number of other factors.

Enrollment in Distance Education Courses, by State: Fall 2012
This report by the U.S. Department of Education contains the statistical data of students participating in distance education in 2012.

Characteristics of a Successful Online Student
This Fairmont State University gives a breakdown of what type of student would be successful taking online classes.

Individual Student Characteristics: Can Any Be Predictors of Success In Online Classes?
This scholarly article uses regression analysis to identify two variables that serve as the best predictors of success in online learning.

Characteristics of Distance Learners: Research on Relationships of Learning Motivation, Learning Strategy, Self-Efficacy, Attribution and Learning Results
This scholarly article identifies what characteristics have direct and indirect effects on learning results in distance learners.