Dangers and Concerns of Modern Technologies

Prepared by by Nan Meng

Dark Web
3D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Cyber intelligence sharing and protection act (CISPA)
Cyber Attacks/Threats/Security
Data Theft
The Decline of retail stores due to e-commerce and online shopping
Decline of traditional news media
Digital divide
Digital millennium copyright act (DMCA)
Fake News
Information Overload
Internet Censorship
Internet Dating
Internet Fraud
Internet of Things
Job Displacement
M banking and Microfinance
Malware and Spyware
Money Laundering
Nanotechnology/the gray goo/
Net Neutrality
Sharing Economy
Smart Grid
Social Media/Social Networking
Technology Addiction and Diseases
Telecommuting Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Internet for the Poor
Fiber Cable Rationing
Live Streaming
Electric Cars/Self-driving Cars
Revenge Porn



Dark Web
The Dark Web is a term that refers specifically to a collection of websites that exist on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional browsers.

Article: What is the Dark Web? What is the Deep Web? How to Access the Dark Web
This article identifies three terms: dark web, deep web and dark internet. To make people understand dark web better, this paper also analyzes why people use the dark web and how to  access it.

Article:A beginner’s guide to the dark web
Dickson gives people a brief introduction to the dark web: what dark web is, how to use it and how to access it.

Article:Trackers could unmask dark web users who think they’re anonymous
People still suffer privacy risk on the dark web.

Report: Dark Web
Kristin Finklea, a specialist in Domestic Security, wrote this report for Congressional Research Service. This report provides detailed information of dark web and mentions governments’ activities of dark web.

Report: The Impact of the Dark Web on Internet Governance and Cyber Security
This report comes from the Centre for International Governance Innovation and Chatham House, and discusses thirteen different cybercrime in the dark web.

Video:What is the Dark Web? | CNBC Explains
This video describes the development of dark web, what government did to shut down the dark web, and how dark web influence real-life.

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3D Printing

Article: 3D printer safety – pollution and their health risks
Recent research shows that desktop 3D printers are high emitters of UFPs and VOCs, which are associated with serious health risks and do not be considered in current setups.

Article:10 Disadvantages of 3D Printing Technology
3D printing also has dark-sides, for example, high energy consumption and harmful emissions.

Article:Tackling the risks of 3D printing
Worker safety is a new risk for 3D printing because workers are exposed to new type materials.

Article:Emerging technologies: when terrorists print their own weapons
People concerns about 3D printing may be used by terrorists to build their weapons and cause more chaos to the world. So, Lubrano supports more regulations on 3D printing.

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Artificial Intelligence

Article: How Artificial Intelligence Can Influence Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) activities need to deal with different risks which caused by “Known Unknowns” and “Unknown Unknowns.”

Article:Artificial Intelligence: The concerns
As developing of AI, people may worry about following topics: 1)lethal autonomous weapons, 2) integrity and unbiased systems, 3) access to data, knowledge, technology, 4) privacy, 5) security, 6) technological unemployment, 7) ethics, responsibility and difficult decisions, 8) disproportional power and control over data, and 9) avoiding the ‘dystopia’.

Article:4 Things Everyone Should Fear About Artificial Intelligence and the Future
Vanian mentions four aspects which may draw people’s attention: 1) phishing scams could get even worse,2) hackers start using AI like financial firms, 3) fake news and propaganda is only going to get worse, and 4)AI could make weapons more destructive。

Video: What are the risks of artificial intelligence?
This video discusses ten risks of AI, for example, job replacement and redistribution, and existential risk from superintelligence.

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Article: Computer risk algorithms and judicial decision-making
Using computer algorithms in the judicial system, such as setting bail conditions and determining criminal sentences, may have potential risks. Because inputting historically biased data into these models contributes to a perpetuation of “bad data” and generates misleads to future judgments.

Article:Are Algorithms Building the New Infrastructure of Racism?
Algorithms may be misled to racism due to people’s online behavior.

Article:3 Ways to Avoid the Negative Effects of the Facebook Algorithm
This article indicates why Facebook changes its algorithm and gives people three suggestions about how to avoid negative effects of this new algorithm.

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Big Data

Article: Big Data 2018: 4 Reasons to Be Excited, 4 Reasons to Be Worried
This article mentions four concerns: 1) Necessary skills are in critically short supply; 2) Privacy concerns become actionable; 3) Data interoperability remains limited; 4) Security flaws threaten data integrity.

Article:Are you fighting the 5 biggest risks of big data?
Unorganized data, data storage, cost management, incompetent analytics, and data privacy are the five biggest risks of big data.

Article:How Trustworthy Is Big Data?
This article discusses big data trustworthy in ten aspects, for example, data credibility and Data validity.

Reports:Joint Committee Final Report on Big Data
The report comes from European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) and discuses benefits and risks of big data.

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Article: Risk Factors Associated with Biometric Identification
Imposter attacks, spoof attacks and storage of biometric data may generate risks to biometric identification application development.

Article:Facial recognition technology: What are the dangers?
People concern about facial recognition because hacker will already be looking to replicate people’s faces in order to trick facial recognition systems.

Article:AI in Biometrics and Security – Current Business Applications
This paper lists four different recognition and shows six organizations’ solutions of biometrics. In the end, Madhavan gives his own forecast about future revenue forecasts in biometrics.

Article:Biometrics in banking: What are the risks?
Global biometrics market may grow fast from $838 million in 2017 to nearly $3 billion by 2022. Cybersecurity and cyber attacks are major concerns in this fields.

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Article: Is Bitcoin A Risk to Wider Financial Markets?
Leverage and totemic tendency are two risks for bitcoin in 2018.

Article:Bitcoin is all the rage — but is it worth the risk?
Bert Ely, principal of Ely & Company Inc., a consulting firm in Alexandria discuses about why bitcoin is bad for average investors and what people can learn from the recent drop of bitcoin.

Article:Why bitcoin could be a major market risk next year, explained
High price of bitcoin may be a short moment and investors may forget what bitcoin really is. Deutsche Bank thinks bitcoin crash may be a significant market crash in 2018.

Article:The four major risks to bitcoin which could send price CRASHING in 2018
Regulation, exchanges, credit, and tether are four major market risks which may cause bitcoin price crashing in 2018.

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Video: How Twitter bots are recycling Cold War techniques to sow political division
On the one hand, people do not know they follow some bots account. On the other hand, Twitter does not want to point out these bots due to business consideration. These two reasons enhance the risk of bots.

Article:How great is the influence and risk of social and political ‘bots?’Some automated Twitter accounts may be political bots which may influence public opinion and political elections. Big Data Editor-in-Chief Vasant Dhar, Professor at the Stern School of Business and the Center for Data Science at New York University, says social media platforms create a good space for information-sharing, but this space also generates risks to society.

Report:Risk Management for and by the BOT
This report comes from Deloitte and stresses risk management for the bot and risk management by the bot.

Article:Are bots a danger for political election campaigns?
Social bots can generate replies or share content automatically. Scientists at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) found general elections in Japan in 2014 was influenced by social bots. They noticed some computer programs used and recognized nationalistic tendencies to influence the election.

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Cloud Computing

Article: Cloud Service Failure: 3 Things to Know
This Article mentions three risks of cloud computing: 1) cloud service providers are a growing source of systemic cyber risk; 2) multiple threat vectors can take down the cloud; 3) society is underinsured against the impact of cloud failure.

Article: Cloud Computing Security: And Risks Involved In Cloud Computing
This paper introduces cloud computing security service in technology perspective and mentions six cloud computing security risks in plain English.

Article: 12 Risks, Threats, & Vulnerabilities in Moving to the Cloud
This paper identifies 12 risks of cloud computing and divides them into two categories:  1) cloud-unique threats and risks, and 2) cloud and on-premise threats and risks

Article: Cloud-Computing Data Security Risks That Shouldn’t be Overlooked
Cloud computing brings people’s consideration of data security, which may cause by privileged user access, server elasticity, and regulatory compliance. Previous traditional data security method may not available for the new era.

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This paper discusses how to use crowdsourcing to fight crime by showing Seattle police and LAPD examples. Besides that, shortcomings of this methods, for example, false reports.

Article: Key Challenges and Drawbacks with Crowdfunding
Crowdsourcing can be used in business, but people should take care their entrepreneurship, idea protections and business decisions.

Article: How Crowdsourcing is Changing Education
Crowdsourcing can benefit education by informing policy and process, informing research and knowledge generation, and using the crowd to redesign learning.

Article: Crowdsourcing – Pros and Cons and how Your Business Can Profit from It
This article discusses Pros and Cons of crowdsourcing. For Cons, the danger of manipulation, the danger of loss of image and danger of internal conflict are discussed.

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Article: 6 Types of Cyberbullying

Cyberbully is harassed, threaten, embarrass another person via the internet. There are five types of cyberbully which are 1) harassing someone, 2) impersonating someone, 3) using photographs, 4) creating websites, blogs, polls and more, 5) participating in video shaming, 6) engaging in subtweeting or vaguebooking.

Article: Social media firms ‘failing’ to tackle cyber-bullying
This paper identifies how cyberbully works and finds social networks cannot solve mental problems which caused by cyberbully.

Article: 11 Ways to Deal with a Workplace Cyberbully
This paper gives people eleven useful suggestions to deal with the cyberbully, for example, do not respond immediately and close the doors of communication to the cyberbully.

Article: Cyber Bullying is a Worldwide Problem
This paper concrete data and fact to illustrate Cyber Bullying is a worldwide problem. Legislation solutions are discussed by using Singapore and UK as examples.

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Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)

Article: National Security vs Privacy
Privacy is a part of the civil right and should not be offended by CISPA and other political power.

Report: Joint Report on the Implementation of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015
It’s a report from the Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community and discusses “Sharing Cyber Threat Indicators and Defensive Measures” in section D.

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Cyber Attacks/Threats/Security

Article: Overview of rapid cyberattacks
This paper identifies three aspects of cyber attacks: 1) features of cyber attacks, 2) impacts of cyber attacks on techniques and business, and 3) why rapid cyber attacks are different from other attacks.

Article: How Cyberattacks Will Affect the Average Person In 2018
Cyber attacks will affect the average person in 2018 because cyber attacks are broad which includes political, economic, and other social systems.

Article: How the Pentagon Should Deter Cyber Attacks
A RAND scientist gives DoD five suggestions about the defense of cyberattack.

Article: Cyber Security Trends and Threats to Watch for in 2018
This paper mentions six areas which may cause or face cyber risks “reign of ransomware”, “big breaches in big data and malware in the Cloud”, “IoT, DDoS, and botnets”, “spam, phishing, and social engineering”, AI, and “cyber warfare, election hacking, and blockchain legislation”.

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Data Theft

Article: How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
This paper shows identity theft briefly and gives people seven specific methods to protect their identity. Besides that, children identity theft is also mentioned.

Article: Identity theft has never been more rampant
Identity theft is very serious and 30 percent of U.S. consumers were notified of a breach in the past year, up from 12 percent in 2016. To help people protect themselves, Kristof gives four suggestions, for example, password protection.

Dataset: World’s Biggest Data Breaches
This website is a dataset of data breaches records in different fields.

Article: 2018 Predictions & Recommendations: Data is the New Oil and Integrity is the Key
This paper indicates the importance of data protection and gives four suggestions for organizations to control data risks.

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The Decline of Retail Stores Due to E-Commerce and Online Shopping

Article: The top 10 E-commerce trends that will impact retailers in 2018
There are ten trends of E-commerce in 2018, for example, the rebirth of brick and mortar and the consumerization of B2B.

Article: eMarketer: E-commerce to grab 10% of U.S. retail sales in 2018
According to a report by eMarketer, U.S. e-commerce sales will increase nearly 16% in 2018, to reach $526.09 billion, representing 10% of total retail sales.

Article: How Has the E-commerce Revolution Changed the Retail Industry
The internet changes rules of business which can be shown in the accelerating of the online retail industry.

Article: These major retailers have closed more than 5,000 stores in 2017
This paper provides concrete data and facts about how retail stores are influenced by online shopping.

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Decline of Traditional News Media

Article: Not fake news: News jobs are disappearing
According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half jobs in the news industry have disappeared in the past 15 years.

Article: Don’t believe the hype: The decline of trust in mainstream media
Lost trust is one reason for the decline of traditional news media, and nearly 25% people think fake news should take responsibilities.

Article: People Prefer Digital Over Print for News & Views
People’s preference change is one reason for decline of traditional media. According to an Omnes Media study, 36 percent of the participants do not read newspaper, 45 percent read newspaper sometimes, 8 percent read it once a week, and 12 percent are daily newspaper readers.

Article: How the Internet Affects Traditional Media
To identify reasons for decline of traditional news media, this paper list three major differences between traditional media and new media. Additionally, this paper finds five factors about how internet affect traditional media, which are decline in readership, decline in revenues, real-time updates, the rise of UGC website and online audio/video channels.

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Digital Divide

Article: How the ‘digital divide’ is holding the U.S. economy back
To close the digital divide, this paper identifies three causes of digital divide and roles of different stakeholders.

Article: Dividing the country won’t bridge the digital divide
Republican and Democratic should work together to improve American infrastructures which is the major reason for the U.S. digital divide.

Article: GRAPHIC: America’s digital divide, in 2 maps
This paper uses two graphics to show the U.S. rural broadband accessibility and speed of America’s broadband.

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Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The DMCA has a critical safe harbor provision for OSPs that exempts them from copyright infringement liability arising from a third party’s actions. All OSPs are required to register their designated agent via the U.S. Copyright Office’s new online directory.

Article: A DMCA exemption could bring ‘dead’ games back to life
The U.S. Copyright Office is considering updating DMCA rules to make an exemption for abandoned online games, which is good news for gamers and gaming industry.

Article: Video Game Companies Seek DMCA Exemption for Online Video Game Preservation
Abandoned video games may revive via the new update of DMCA. Museums, libraries and archives can operate new servers for these game, if the new policy is approved.

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Article: Gambling and Gaming in Belgium: Opportunities and Risks associated with Online Digital Gambling
This paper uses Belgium as an example to discuss opportunities and risks of E-gambling via specific data and detailed analysis.

Article: Using blockchain, this company wants to make online gambling less of a gamble
Blockchain casino is a growing force, which can provide a large share of the airdrop and fairness functions.

Article: COUNTERPOINT: Online gambling robs provinces of revenue
In Atlantic Canada, offshore gambling causes a $90 million decline in province revenue.

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Article: Child pornography circulating on Facebook messenger
People should block child pornography circulating on Facebook messenger by stopping sharing these pictures.

Article: Online Pornography and Twentysomethings
Parents concern online pornography may mislead and corrupt emerging adults about gender inequality via showing loveless and exploitative sexual behavior.

Report: Adult & Pornographic Websites – US Market Research Report
This is a market report about Adult & Pornographic Websites and has several basic data information about market size and growth rate.

Article: 5 Ways Porn Can Harm Your Brain, Body, And Quality Of Life
This paper comes from fightthenewdrug.org and indicates five disadvantages of porn: porn encourages self-gratification; porn destroys our values; porn can cause erectile dysfunction; porn encourages social isolation; porn doesn’t inspire goal setting.

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Article: Ten arguments for and against e-voting
In Switzerland, people have a divided opinion about E-Voting, which could be showed via five advantages and five disadvantages of E-Voting.

Article: eVoting and Identity Verification in the Digital Age
This paper discusses benefits (convenient and low cost) and challenges (identity and hackers) about e-voting. In the end, this paper believes innovation technologies can solve these challenges and e-voting will get people’s trust.

Article: Digital Divide: Why Finland And Estonia Disagree About Internet Voting
Comparing with Estonia, which embraces e-voting, shortage of electronic voting systems leads Finland against e-voting.

Article: How risky are flawed e-voting systems for democracy?
This paper comes from swissinfo, a news website, and mentions E-voting may damage democracy due to the uncertainty of cybersecurity.

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Article: Electronic Waste (E-Waste): How Big of a Problem is it?
This paper provides an overview to E-waste problem, which includes definition, categories of e-waste, e-waste pollution, and solutions. Besides that, some facts of e-waste are discussed via specific data.

Article: Electronic Waste Disposal – Why You Need to Be Careful
E-waste influences three aspects: business, environment and society. In business, companies should take care reputation, profits and carbon footprint. For environment, water, air and soil pollution are three major parts. For society, e-waste may cause leakage of people’s information.

Report: The Global E-waste Monitor 2017
This report provides enough information about e-waste business, trends and legislation.

Article: E-waste is a huge and growing problem — and the US is a big reason why
This paper comes from Business Insider and indicates the damage of E-waste. In this paper, the author uses some concrete data to support his view, and the figure shows the global E-waste condition.

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Fake News

Article: Journalists Raise Concerns About ‘Fake News’ Rhetoric After Man’s Arrest for Threats to CNN
“Fake News” rhetoric generates hate speech to CNN, which is concerned as a threat by journalists.

Article: Macron plans law to fight ‘fake news’ in 2018
French president Emmanuel Macron and his team were victims of fake news. Macron thinks strong legislation can protect liberal democracies. So, he tries to use legislation to fight the spread of “fake news.”

Article: Education before Regulation: IFLA Engages at Fake News Workshop
The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) believes the government should educate people how to distinguish “Fake News” before applying new regulation policies.

Article: Facebook’s efforts to stop fake news are making it worse
This paper is provided by New York Post and discusses how FaceBook tries to solve “fake news” and why their attempts suffer some challenges.

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Article: Automated Hacking Tool Autosploit Cause Concerns Over Mass Exploitation
As developing the automated hacking tool, organizations should use a clear accurate, and up-to-date picture of every service they expose to the internet.

Article: 10 Most Powerful (Known) Active Hacking Groups
This paper lists most powerful hacking groups, which shows hacktivism relates to global politics.

Article: Should we be scared of hacktivists?
Marco Romagna, a Ph.D. candidate, discusses motivations of hacktivists and thinks policy makers should think hacktivism is a form of protest.

Article: Hacktivism: Civil Disobedience or Cyber Crime?
This paper is published by propublica.org and discusses whether hacktivism is civil disobedience or cybercrime. On one hand, the author uses Bradley Manning as an example to illustrate some hacktivism may be civil disobedience. On the other hand, the author shows hacktivism may be a crime by providing DDoS attacks and doxing as examples.

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Information Overload

Article: Can democracy survive information overload?
Democracy may suffer a lot from information overload because the biggest challenge to democracy in the 21st century is that uninformed voters are being replaced by misinformed ones.

Article: Dealing with Information Overload in Telematics (9 Strategies)
This paper discusses six symptoms of information overload of management, for example, runaway fuel cost and poor customer satisfaction level. Besides that, nine strategies are also given by this paper.

Article: To Beat Information Overload, Be Selective in Your Focus
“Clarity of focus” and “Space to get to your best work” are two strategies to solve information overload in people’s daily life.

Article: Information Overload: How It Hurts Investors
This article comes from Investopedia and identifies causes of information overload, consequences of information overload and investors’ choices.

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Internet Censorship

Article: Copyright, The First Wave of Internet Censorship
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) may make copyright law become a tool for unscrupulous internet censors.

Article: Welcome to 2018, the Year of Censored Social Media
German tries to use internet censorship to control “hate speech.” In the U.S., Facebook banned some accounts who is on the U.S. government’s sanctions list.

Data: Share of global internet users who are concerned about the government censoring the internet as of November 2014, by region
This graphic shows share of global internet users who are worried about the government censoring the internet, which suggest concerns of internet censorship is a global issue.

Article: Fighting Fake News: A Back Door Trick to Enact Internet Censorship
This article is provided by wakeup-world.com and discusses 1) the relationship between fighting fake news and censorship, and 2) other causes of censorship, for example fighting ‘terrorism’ and ‘hate speech’ and being ‘politically correct’.

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Internet Dating

Article: ‘Least Desirable’? How Racial Discrimination Plays Out in Online Dating
Racial Discrimination is happening in online dating, but some people think these are dating preferences.

Report: The Safest and Most Dangerous States for Online Dating
This report uses specific date show how safe each state are in online dating.

Article: How to Remain Safe, Healthy and Responsible If You Choose to Online Date
There are seven suggestions for online dating to protect daters, for example never reveal personal information on your profile and leave when you feel uncomfortable.

Article: Online Dating Scams: More Than Just Your Heart Is at Risk
This paper comes from experian.com and answers three questions: 1) what is romance scams? 2) how to protest yourself? 3) how to solve these troubles?

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Internet Fraud

Article: About email fraud
For internet fraud, email is an inexpensive and popular method to find potential victims. This paper lists five different email fraud, for example, pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes.

Article: 7 common investment scams
Investment scams is a questionable investment or a non-exist investment. This paper lists seven common investment scams: 1) Exempt securities scam, 2) Exempt securities scam, 3) forex scam, 4) offshore investing scam, 5) Pension scam, 6) Ponzi or pyramid scheme, and 7) Pump and dump scam.

Article: Officials issue warning about risk of tax refund fraud
Adam Krupp, the department commissioner of the Indiana Department of Revenue, provides six tips for avoiding tax fraud, for example, protect financial documents and do not give a business or organization your Social Security number.

Article: How to spot online scams
This paper comes from hotspotshield.com and assumes five scenarios of internet fraud which people should take care.

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Internet of Things

Article: Risk and Opportunity in the Internet of Things
This paper uses concrete data and emphasizes three aspects of risks of IoT: 1) many CMT risk professionals may be unaware of connections to the Internet of Things, 2) system operation and security dominate IoT provider concerns; users increasingly concerned with physical risks, and 3) CMT risk managers view themselves as innovation partners.

Article: 3 IoT Security Challenges: Key Finance Concerns & Solutions [2018]
Identity Theft & Unsecured End-Devices, Insufficient Patching & Testing, and Multi-layer Data Management & Security are three challenges for IoT security.

Article: The 5 Most Important IoT Security Concerns Coming in 2018
This paper mentions five security concerns in 2018: 1) undetectable IoT attacks, 2) automation will become more important, 3) the irresistible allure of cryptocurrency, 4) more and more devices will be targeted, and 5) privacy.

Article: 7 Big Problems with the Internet of Things
This paper comes from cmswire.com and identifies seven problems of IoT: walled of the internet, cloud attacks, AI-Built security issues, botnet problems, limited AI, lack of confidence, and understanding IoT.

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Job Displacement

Report: Unfulfilled promises Amazon fulfillment centers do not generate broad-based employment growth
Amazon fulfillment center may not create net job increase. Government spending on Amazon warehouses is hard to get returns.

Article: What types of jobs are at risk?
These position is facing a high risk of job displacement: Seller, administrative occupations, customer service positions, finance administrative occupations, and elementary shortage occupations.

Article: Women are more at risk of losing their jobs thanks to tech, WEF says
According to a study by the World Economic Forum, 57 percent of the 1.4 million U.S. jobs, which belong to women, may be displaced by automation in the next eight years.

Article: No, A Robot (Probably) Won’t Take Your Job
This paper is provided by medium.reinvent.net and discusses AI job displacement objectively by mentioning “man-machine collaboration” and “some jobs are going away”.

Article: AI and robots could threaten your career within 5 years
AI has potential to replace people’s job and this displacement is already starting. People should prepare new skills to meet future demands and to overcome this challenge.

Article: Do we understand the impact of artificial intelligence on employment?
Displace effect and productivity effect are two opposite ways which caused by AI. Understanding AI’s potential, making rules for AI and designing policies to accommodate new technology possibilities are three steps for AI era.

Article: These jobs are most at risk for being automated
Automation is threatening cookers and servers, cleaner, movers and warehouse workers, retail salesmen nurses and truck drivers.

Article: Why AI could destroy more jobs than it creates, and how to save them
Jobs may be destroyed faster than created in AI era. People still need to keep hope and find their own chances. Because some roles, such as manual, creative and interpersonal, are still cannot be took place by AI.

Video: Alibaba’s Jack Ma: In the Next 30 Years People Will Work 4 Hours A Day | CNBC
Next 30 years are going to be painful because some people may not catch up with the wave of technology innovation. Great changes will happen. People may work 4 hours per day and 4 days per week. People should take advantage from big data.

Report: Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy
AI and job replacement draw the White House’s attention. Obama administration made this report and generated several potential policies to respond this challenge.

Report: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Robotics 2017 Predictions and its summary “IDC Unveils its Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide Robotics for 2017 and Beyond”

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M banking and Microfinance

Article: 5 Dangers of Mobile Banking — And How to Avoid Them
Five risks of mobile banking are indicated by this paper: 1) wireless networks are hacker-friendly, 2) poor reception means poor security, 3) do not lose your phone, 4) you may not be able to access newly deposited funds right way, and 5) fraudulent Apps may deceive you.

Article: 6 Top Mobile Banking Risks
BITS concerns six areas about mobile banking: rapid growth, need for new security controls, more players mean more risks, privacy, role of consumers, and anticipating risks.

Article: 3 major mobile payment security risks, and how to avoid them
For mobile payment security, phone losing, cyberthieves, and malware are major risks.

Article: The Many Benefits of an Online Checking Account
Online checking account has five advantages: 1) proving an easy way to manage your finances, 2) automated functions can bring peace of mind, 3) time-saving, 4) earning rewards can be effortless, and 5) paying fewer and lower fees.

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Malware and Spyware

Article: Mobile Malware Risk: Why Prevention is Better than Cure, and What You Can Do About It
Keith O’Byrne gives several tips for mobile users to prevent malware risks, for example, preventing threats from infecting mobile system, blocking malicious content, and passwords security.

Article: The 3 Biggest Malware Trends to Watch in 2018
This paper mentions three Malware trends in 2018: 1) More attacks are going “clickless,” 2) attackers try to avoid getting detected by “living off the land”, and 3) “plug-and-play” worming components are on the rise.

Article: 2017 Android malware in review: 4 key takeaways
Digital Shadows analysis team finds three facts about Android system: official app stores are not infallible, Apps’ appearances can be deceiving, and espionage and financial gain were the primary motives for malware infection. Besides that, the team also gives seven suggestions to avoid infection, for example, using official Google store and download “Play Protect verified” apps from legitimate companies.

Article: New challenge for WhatsApp: Malware that can steal WhatsApp messages found on phones
A malware which can steal WhatsApp messages from Android phones was found. The most concern of this malware is it can trick an Android feature which designed to help disabled accessibility.

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Money Laundering

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority uses this report to show their awareness of the global tendency to fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and other financial crime.

Report: Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) uses this report to show what measures Portugal government uses to against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Reports: Foreign governments step up anti-money laundering efforts. Yet, the impact on illicit financial flows is uncertain.
This report shows how foreign governments’ attempts of anti-money laundering.

Article: 669 cryptocurrency money-laundering cases suspected in April-December
Japanese police announced that 669 cases of suspected money laundering relate to cryptocurrencies and exchange operators.

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Nanotechnology/the gray goo/

Article: The Issue of Ethics in The Development of Nanotechnology
Weaponry and other dangerous components are major concern of ethics in nanotechnology development.

Scientist finds eight risks of nanotechnology in the medical field, for example, the nanoparticles can lead to lung damage and nanomaterials may act like a virus or bacteria in the body after self-replicating itself.

Article: Some Benefits & Risks of Nanotechnology
This paper mentions benefits of nanotechnology in different industries and indicates eights potential risks in business and regulations aspects

Nanotechnology has advantages in the automotive industry, specifically on the exterior and automotive wrapping. Nanotechnology also has potential to benefit disabled people.

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Net Neutrality

Article: Advantages of Net Neutrality | disadvantages of Net Neutrality
After giving a short description of Net Neutrality, this paper addresses benefits and drawbacks of Net Neutrality, which provides a rational view for readers.

Article: Ending Net Neutrality Is a Business Risk, Netflix Says
Netflix says the end of Net Neutrality is bad for internet speeds and the media streaming company’s business.

Article: What you need to know about net neutrality
This paper provides what people need to know about net neutrality, and how the end of it could change the way Americans experience the Internet. Besides, that, who gets benefits and who gets damages is also argued by this paper.

Article: Why Net Neutrality Was Repealed and How It Affects You
Obama-era net neutrality rules were repealed by the Federal Communications Commission. The repealed rules are Blocking, Throttling, and Paid Prioritization. People have three concerns about these changes: 1) broadband providers may change their selling strategy; 2) consumers may suffer from pay-to-play deals; 3) industry giants may gain great advantages in the market.

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Article: Industries most at risk of phishing attacks revealed
In small and middle business field, small insurance companies have highest percentage of phish-prone employees. None profit organizations have leading position in large companies.

Article: Mobile Phishing and the Gaping Mobile Security Hole
Phishing attackers may use social media sites and Apps deliver their messages. To increase security, companies should route employees’ mobile data traffic to a central gateway where protection can be applied.

Article: 5 Methods That Can Harm Your Business
Employees should take care five types of phishing attacks: phishing, spear phishing, whale phishing, business Email compromise(BEC), and clone phishing.

Article: Three-Quarters of Organizations Experienced Phishing Attacks in 2017, Report Uncovers

Report: 2018 State of the Phish™
David Bisson summarizes some main findings of 2018 State of the Phish™, such as “what phishing impacts have you experienced?” and more U.S organizations have computer-based online awareness training than UK counterparts.

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Article: Risk assessment: Expert tips for combating ransomware, identifying search results malware
Bill Siwicki provides six tips to avoid ransomware infection: 1) updating IT system, 2) when buying antivirus tools, caveat emptor, 3) stay on top of access management, 4) limit web availability, 5) be careful about search results, and 6) backup your data.

Article: 8 Recent, Dangerous Ransomware Examples
This paper mentions eight dangerous ransomwares: Locky, Troldesh, GlobeImposter, Philadelphia, Cerber, WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit.

Article: Understanding ransomware and the impact of repeated attacks
Organizations are still not prepared well to face new ransomware threats. Ransomware attacks are expensive, which includes money, time device, and opportunities.

Article: Ransomware and Cryptomining Spiked In 2017 According To Report

By reading Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques: 2017 State of Malware, Tony Bradley highlights three major findings: ransomware increased more than 90 percent, cryptomining tools are the hot new thing, and consumers remain a primary target.

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Article: Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Automation
On the one hand, the robot has four advantages: cost-effectiveness, improving quality assurance, increasing productivity, and working in hazardous environments. On the other hand, the robot also has three disadvantages: potential job losses, initial investment costs, and hiring skilled staff.

Article: We Need to Approach AI Risks Like We Do Natural Disasters
The risks posed by intelligent devices will soon surpass the magnitude of those associated with natural disasters. So, people should consider risk management about the robot and provide insurance service for it.

This paper analyzes safety and personal information issues about healthcare robots.

Article: The 10 Grand Challenges Facing Robotics in the Next Decade
Ten different challenges for robotics development in the next decade are identified, for example, new materials and fabrication schemes, power and energy, and robot swarms.

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Sharing Economy

Article: In a shared economy, who should bear the risks that come with it?
Lloyd’s found that 71% of consumers prefer to use sharing economy services if insurance was offered, and majority consumers think provides and platform should provide protection for the consumer.

Report: Sharing risks, sharing rewards: Who should bear the risk in the sharing economy?
This report provides several facts about sharing economy development in different countries to help platforms realize about that.

Article: The dark side of the sharing economy
According to this paper, sharing economy is about the sharing of idle assets, usually via tech platforms, in ways that produce economic, environmental, social and practical benefits. Sharing economy companies should take care people, take responsibilities and think holistically to provide basic services.

Article: The Economic Impact of the Sharing Economy
As sharing economy grows, people start to notice some negative impacts of it, such as grows faster than traditional markets, concerns of regulations, and black income.

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Smart Grid

Report: Security for smart Electricity GRIDs
This report uses flow charts to show how to increase security for smart electricity GRIDs.

Article: Hackers are attacking the electric grid
Last September, hackers attacked the U.S. power grid to look for weaknesses to exploit. A hacker’s final goal is to handle a master control center.

Report: California Smart Grid Annual Report to the Governor and the Legislature
This Annual Report on California’s Smart Grid activities provides an overview of the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC’s or the Commission’s) recommendations for a Smart Grid.

Report: Guidelines for Smart Grid Cybersecurity
The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel– Smart Grid Cybersecurity Committee provides an analytical framework for cybersecurity strategy development and mentions risks and vulnerabilities of smart grid-related characteristics.

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Social Media/Social Networking

Article: How to Protect Your Organization from Digital & Social Media Risks in 2018
Proofpoint data points out top four digital and social media threats for organizations, which are 1) angler phishing, 2)domain fraud, 3) compliance-related social account sprawl and profile monitoring, and 4) protecting key people, executive, and places. Six different solutions are also attached to this paper.

Article: Benefits and Risks of Social Media
Social media addiction, cyberbullying, invasion of privacy, and the burden of comparisons with idealized depictions of others are four potential risks of social media.

Article: The Benefits and Risks of Social Media Marketing
Impact of word of mouth, cybersecurity and employee credibility are major risks for social media marketing.

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Technology Addiction and Diseases

Article: 5 Ways to Kick Your Technology Addiction
Logan Chierotti, CEO of LoganChierotti.com, gives five suggestions for people who addicted to technology: 1) re-develop your behaviors, 2) digital detox periods, 3) email & social media limits, 4) pick a partner in crime, and 5) celebrate your successes.

Article: Social media is a modern necessity — here’s how bosses can help employees avoid getting addicted
Bosses can use these strategies to help their employee avoid technology addiction: 1) create distraction-free time, 2) encourage screen-time boundaries, 3) make lunch a thing, and 4) offer support for employees and their children.

Article: technology addiction (internet addiction)
Excessive use, negative repercussions, and withdrawal symptoms are three signal of technology addiction.

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Telecommuting Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Article: The very real health dangers of virtual reality
CNN gives three suggestions for parents when their children are using VR devices: 1) clear the playing field, 2) stay around with your children, 3) add “motion sickness,” and 4) do not play in overly tired condition.

Article: VR Side Effects: Risks and Dangers of Virtual Reality Abuse
If people abuse VR devices, they might suffer nausea, dizziness, epileptic seizure, loss of orientation in space, and eye & vision problems.

Article: 10 ethical concerns that will shape the VR industry
Users should be aware of VR’s ethical problems, for example, social isolation, overestimation of abilities, and unpalatable fantasies.

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Article: Twitter’s data problems could be even worse than Facebook’s
Carleton English thinks Twitter’s data problem is worse than Facebook’s because data licensing accounted for 18% of Twitter’s revenue in 2017.

Article: Twitter’s fake news problem is getting worse
This paper uses Arab Spring, 2016 election, and bots as examples to discuss Twitter’s fake news problem.

Article: The latest Twitter revelations demonstrate how little we actually understand social media
This paper indicates two Twitter’s political problems: 1) Russian tweets and the 2016 election and 2) the fake follower issue.

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Internet for the Poor

Article: Viewpoint: Poor broadband access puts rural areas at a disadvantage
Poor broadband accessibility is bad for business and students’ learning in the rural area.

Article: Trump’s FCC wants to take the internet away from poor
Lifeline lets poor people use a $9.25 monthly household subsidy to get internet service, but Trump’s FCC may make this subsidy goes away.

Article: Using Big Data and the Internet of Things to Help End Poverty
Jim Kim, the president at the World Bank, thinks IoT and big data can benefit poor people and solve their poverty problems, such as refugees’ problem, traffic congestions, and pollution.

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Report: ICANN60 By the Numbers
This report includes technical, demographic, and attendance statistics, and summarizes findings from ICANN’s second Annual General Meeting of the new meeting strategy.

Article: EU Tells ICANN: You’re Unprepared for GDPR Regulations
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May and EU thinks ICANN does not reach its requirements.

Report: Celebrating Four Years of Supporting the Asia Pacific Region
This is an official report from ICANN and shows achievements of ICANN in Asia Pacific region.

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Fiber Cable Rationing

Report: Digital in 2018
This report finds Africa’s internet users increase by 20%

Article: By 2025 internet penetration will increase by 130% in Sub-Saharan Africa
According to GSMA’s report, Africa’s internet population will increase 284 million from 211 in 2017.

Article: Internet Speed and Economic Development in Africa
Africa has a poor internet speed comparing to the rest of the world. Kenya is a good example to show high internet speed can contribute to economy growth.

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Live Streaming

Article: The Hidden Dangers of Twitch
Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for video gamers, nerd culture and creative arts. Some parents concern live streaming content and chat behaviors which may mislead their children.

Report: Streamlabs Livestreaming Q4 Report
This report comes from Streamlabs and shows livestreaming Q4 data, which includes market share and viewer numbers.

Article: 62 Must-Know Live Video Streaming Statistics
This article indicates 62 live streaming data and uses these data to show some important business features of live streaming.

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Electric Cars/Self-driving Cars

This report comes from General Motors and shows what they did to produce their self-driving cars.

Article: Privacy concerns and self-driving cars: Are we ready for autonomous vehicles?
People concern they may suffer privacy leakage and hacker attacks when they use self-driving cars.

Article: Unbelievable Benefits and Drawbacks of The Self-Driving Car
Five drawbacks of the self-driving car are discussed in this paper: 1) expensive, 2) potential for technology to go wrong, 3) licensing infrastructure not yet in place, 4) potential greater pollution, and 5) potential loss of privacy.

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Revenge Porn

Article: Revenge porn: What to do if you’re a victim
If you’re a victim of revenge porn, you should do these things to protect yourself: 1) keep evidence, 2) report the photos or videos to the website, 3) tell friends and family, 4) consider your next step, 5) find law protection, and 6) don’t panic.

Article: What Is Revenge Porn?
This paper gives an overview of revenge porn and discusses why people do it and protection methods.

Article: Revenge Porn Is Officially Punishable by Law in New York City
In New York City, revenge porn criminals are facing one year in jail and a 1,000 fine, which went into effect in February.

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