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Wearable Technology – Wikipedia
Wearable technologies are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. Wearable technology has been developed for general or special purpose information technologies and media development.

Wearable Computer – Wikipedia
Wearable computers are miniature electronic devices that are worn by the bearer under.



Google Glass Offers Vision of Wearable Tech in Healthcare
Wearable technologies are going to be a part of healthcare. Google glass service allows doctors to verbally query an electronic health record (HER) system as well as put information into it.

Silicon Valley Never Talks About the Real Reason You Don’t Own A Smart Watch or “Wearable Tech”
This article displays a few of physical, cultural and design barriers that preventing wearable gadgets from being a part of our everyday lives.

The Smart Wearables Debate: Fashion vs. Function
Wearables are more like clothing than gadgets, and there are millions of clothing designs to meet people’s varying fashion tastes. Wearable device makers are facing one big challenge: how should a wearable device look?

Wearable Electronics: 2014’s First Overhyped Category?
Is wearable electronic the 2014’s overhyped category?

Wearable Electronics for Inside-the-body Use Developed
In the near future, wearable technologies not only can be worn by outside the body, it can be used to power implanted biomedical devices, such as pacemakers, heart0rate monitors and neural stimulators.

Wearable Electronics – Gizmag
Gizmag website covers the full gamut of innovation and science news about wearable electronics.

Wearable Electronics to Drive Additional $70M in Battery Revenue
While it’s unclear which companies will dominate wearable computing, the Battery industry has taken an early lead.

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Wearable Tech World
This website contains featured articles about wearable technology.