The Georgia Tech DL Case

Why AT&T Is Investing In Virtual School
This article discusses how AT&T and the former Google VP invested in Georgia Tech’s online degree program in computer science.

New Degree Program is Big Test for MOOC-Style Higher Ed
This article analyzes whether Georgia Tech’s online master’s degree program in computer science will be a successful model for decreasing dropout rates in MOOCs. The idea is that because an actual degree is offered at the end of the program and students are paying for the program, they will have more incentive to finish and actively participate.

One Down, Many to Go
This article talks about student satisfaction with the online master’s degree program in computer science at Georgia Tech after the first semester.

Georgia Tech, Udacity Shock Higher Ed with $7,000 Degree
This article goes into detail about the partnership with Georgia Tech and Udacity to create an extremely cheap online degree program.

Online Master of Science in Computer Science FAQ
This webpage gives a general breakdown of the online degree program offered at Georgia Teach. It describes how it was created, how it works, etc.

What Georgia Tech Learned From Its First Online Master’s Degree
This article discusses some of the lessons learned from the degree program’s first implementation. The program is still in its infancy so there is certainly room for improvement.

Georgia Tech MOOC Based Program Turns Away Nearly 2,000 Applicants
This article discusses the popularity and hype of Georgia Tech’s program.

First of Its Kind, Online Master’s Draws Waves of Applicants
This article discusses the popularity of Georgia Tech’s online master’s program, and compares it to the popularity of the in-class program offered at the same university.

The $7,000 Computer Science Degree and the Future of Higher Education
This article explores how Georgia Tech’s model can greatly influence the future of higher education, mainly because of the affordability when compared to on-campus degree programs.

The MOOC That Roared
This article discusses how Georgia Tech’s online master’s degree program is such a radical change to traditional higher education in America, and what that means for the future.

MOOCs: Expectations and Reality
This report is very thorough in its analysis of MOOCs. It goes into further detail about which universities are engaging in MOOCs, Georgia Tech being one of the cases.