Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Telecommuting
Telecommuting or telework is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute to a central place of work. A person who telecommutes is known as a “telecommuter” or “teleworker.”


10 Reasons to Telecommute
A list of the top 10 reasons why Telecommuting is better for the enviornment.

Connecticut Telecommuting Initiative
Statewide initiative by the state of Connecticut to promote telecommuting. Provides resources to employers including consultants to implement a telecommuting program.

Latest Telecommuting Statistics – Global Workplace Analytics

President Obama Sent Bill Mandating Federal Teleworking Policies
The H.R. 1722 bill was passed by the house that will mandate through legislation that teleworking be implemented in all federal agencies to some degree.

Survey: Telecommuting Becoming More Prevalent [INFOGRAPHIC]
Working from home is on the rise, and more companies are trusting their employees to be more productive in their own home offices than they might be at the workplace.

Telecommuting360 is an organization of telecommuters, providers and companies providing remote work force opportunities to their employees.

Telecommuting 2014 – The Future Technology of Working Green
This paper presents ideas for designing work environments using computer-assisted systems, and they introduce creative applications for integrating telecommunications technology to improve productivity and develop new business opportunities.

Telecommuting Coalition
Homepage of group that advocates telecommuting. Includes news on latest developments related to telecommuting.

Telecommuting is The Future of Work

Telecommuting News

Telecommuting News – Huffington Post

Telecommuting – The Economist
Reports and posts that relate telecommuting.

Telecommuting saves $10K per employee yearly
Businesses that let 100 employees work half of their time from home can save more than $1 million a year according toTelework Research Network’s (TRN) latest study of telework programs and their benefits. website
Find Information on the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010, who you can talk to about telework in your agency, statistics about telework in the Federal Government, and information about long-distance telework.

The American Telecommuting Association
Home page of an association of telecommuters. Includes surveys and discussion board.

The Dark Side of Telecommuting – Is a Tipping Point Approaching?

The future of telework technology: A wish list
As telecommuting has evolved from a radical idea into a common concept, it’s undergoing a familiar cycle with technology: with the basics down, providers seek to expand in new directions.

YouTube Video: Benefits of Telecommuting
A brief editorial on the telecommuting! Should your company be considering telecommuting fulltime or even part time for some employees? You need to take the position and the person into consideration it may not be right for all but certainly has advantages in many situations.. The cost saving for employer, employee and community are proven!

YouTube Video: GSA Telework Week 2012
GSA is on the forefront of utilizing solutions that enable telework and provide the agency, it’s partners and customers the capability to collaborate on any device, any where and at any time.