Technology and Religion

Can Religion Withstand Technology? 
“Closer to Truth,” a PBS Series (multiple episodes and articles) on how the clash between technology and religion reshapes our search for meaning.

Connecting Catholics online, offers Catholic News, Society, Family, Health, Culture, Online Prayer Networks, and E-Counseling Services.

Communion on the Moon: The Religious Experience in Space
Our secular endeavor of space exploration is flush with religious observance. Why is that?

The First Church of CyberSpace.

Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?

History of Science and Technology in Islam
Science and Technology in Islam is a major work in the history of science.

How the Internet Is Taking Away America’s Religion – MIT Technology Review
The drop in religious upbringing and the increase in Internet use seem to be causing people to lose their faith. But something else about modern life that is not captured in this data is having an even bigger impact.

How Steve Jobs Turned Technology – And Apple – Into Religion

Is Technology Good for Religion?
Blog post on The Immanent Frame Secularism, Religion and Public Sphere website posted June 2012.

Journal of Technology, Theology, and Religion
A peer-reviewed, open-access journal, begun in 2010.

Religious Groups Struggle To Contain Technology Use
Cell phones have also become commonplace among a group long known for its resistance to technology: the Amish. The most conservative Amish groups, known as “old order,” don’t allow power lines or telephone lines to enter their homes — their goal is to remain separate from the larger power grid and thus from the outside world. However, many of these groups do allow cell phones.

Second Life Gospel
How To Build A Second Life Church and tips for structuring an online church community and website.

Society, Religion, and Technology
SRT is a project of the Church of Scotland working with a number of other churches to discuss the ethics of technology for the new millennium.

Technology and Religion News

Technology and Religion, Technology as Religion 
Why do we witness widespread enchantment with technology and at the same time a world-wide resurgence of religious fundamentalism?

Technology: Changing the way we practice Religion
From the printing press to the radio to the Internet, advances in communication technology have almost always instigated rapid and profound changes in religious practice.

TED Video: Jonathan Haidt – Religion, evolution, and the ecstasy of self-transcendence
Psychologist Jonathan Haidt asks a simple, but difficult question: why do we search for self-transcendence? Why do we attempt to lose ourselves? In a tour through the science of evolution by group selection, he proposes a provocative answer.

The World’s Muslims: United in Faith; Diverse in Opinion
9 August 2012 A new survey of Muslims conducted in 39 countries and in over 80 languages sheds new light on beliefs and practices across the globe. Muslims, who comprise nearly a quarter of the world’s population, share many core beliefs, but some of their practices and opinions about Islam reveal a diversity of views.

Twitter Dynamos, Offering Word of God’s Love
Christian Leaders are Powerhouses on Twitter.

Video: Can Science Explain Religion?
A growing number of scientists are probing the biological underpinnings of religious experiences, from Christian’s visions of Jesus to Buddhists’ sensations of mystical unity. This research, sometimes called “neurotheology,” may have a profound impact on religious belief, but not in the way that most people expect.

Video: More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach
No matter where you live, you can go to church, so to speak, with Christ Fellowship. The McKinney, Texas, congregation is on board with almost every high-tech gambit under heaven.

Virtually Religious: Technology and Internet Use in American Congregations
A report on Internet and technology use by churches and other faith communities based on the Faith Communities Today 2010 survey results.

YouTube Video: There’s an app for that? Is technology taking over religion?
This week an op-ed was posting in the New York Times about a new iPhone application which allows Catholics to confess their sins via an app rather than going to their local parish and confessing to a priest.