Radio Satellites (News and Web Resources)

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR)
OSCAR is an acronym for Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio. OSCAR series amateur radio satellites use amateur radio frequency allocations to facilitate communication between amateur radio stations.

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Satellite Radio
Satellite radio is an analogue or digital radio signal that is relayed through one or more satellites and thus can be received in a much wider geographical area than terrestrial FM radio stations.


Amateur Radio Satellites
There are a few satellites specifically designed to be used by amateur radio (licensed) operators.

AMSAT North America – The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (as AMSAT is officially known) was first formed in the District of Columbia in 1969 as an educational organization. Its goal was to foster Amateur Radio’s participation in space research and communication. You can find videos and posts from this website.

AIROS – American Indian Radio on Satellite
This is the website for the American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) an international distributor of Native American programming through the Public Radio Satellite System.

Today, apart from providing valuable assistance to the Amateur satellite programme, AMSAT-UK has an information service second to none, a first class magazine in Oscar News, and provides technical data and advice on all aspects of amateur satellite communications.

AMSAT Website
Link to The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation website.

A Tutorial on How to Build a Radio Satellite Receiver
Putting Together Your Receiving System- A tutorial on How to build a radio satellite receiver.

Digital Audio Broadcasting
This web site provides an introduction to the Digital Audio Broadcasting technology and its progress around the world.

“Extraordinary History of Amateur Radio Satellites”
This website contains a very detailed chronological timeline of events that have taken place pertaining to amateur radio satellites.

From AM to Satellite: seven decades of FCC regulation
Brief history on the evolution of radio and related FCC regulations.

How Satellite Radio Works
How stuff works guide to Satellite Radio.

Information on Satellite Communication
Spread Spectrum Scene Satellite resources page. A full list of types of satellite technologies and how they are used, book reviews, including wireless radio.

This is the authoritative source for all 200+ geostationary (GEO) satellites in orbit. It includes their identification, location, frequency use, and programming packages on each satellite.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio
XM Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: XMSR) and Sirius Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) today announced distribution agreements with Porsche Cars North America to offer Porsche customers a choice between the two satellite radio services. This will include all headlines news.

The Difference Between Satellite Radio and HD Radio

YouTube Video: Ham and Fish, Amateur Radio Satellites by Hams in Space

Amateur Radio Satellite activity and instruction by the Hams in Space Team at Bennett Spring State Park, Missouri.

YouTube Video: Working amsat satellites ( lincoln ameture radio hamfest 2011)
Clips taken from the discussion about how to work amsats or ham radio satellites.