Internet Service Provider (ISP) Filtering

AT&T and Other I.S.P.’s May Be Getting Ready to Filter
2008 the year of ISP filtering

Bono: Save the Music
This original op-ed column by Bono which appeared in The New York times illustrates his outright advocacy for a number of issues, including protecting music industries from piracy.

Bono and U2 Takes on ISP Filtering
This article describes Irish rocker Bono’s advocacy for ISP filtering to protect copy-righted materials over the internet.

Could Obama Get Around China’s ‘Great Firewall’?
How President Obama’s recent talks with China will include for the first time a discussion of the great firewall

Facebook Advocates For ISP Filtering
This interview transcript of Mozelle Thompson of Facebook discusses in detail about the urgency for mandatory ISP filtering.

P2P, File-sharing, and ISP Filtering
ISPs have a lot to gain in tempering P2P traffic – the year in P2P news.

ISP Filtering Policy Debate in Australia
This report describes a claim by Tony Abott, opposition leader in Australia, which claims ISP filters are not as effective as they seem to be.

ISP Filtering: Not what it Seems to Be
This editorial claims that ISP filtering policy is expensive, inefficient, and lacks evidence-based research.

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