Intellectual property (IP)

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (IP) is a term referring to a number of distinct types of expressions for which a set of rights are recognized under the corresponding fields of law. Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to various markets, machines, musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and applications.


CBP Video: Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement 2012
An overview of how U.S. Customs and Border Protection protects the intellectual property rights of U.S. companies.

Google’s Infringement of IP
This article describes how Google might have infringed upon privacy of individuals by gathering personal data while providing its street-mapping services.

Intellectual Property
Most recent news and posts that relate intellectual property.

Intellectual Property | Electronic Frontier Foundation
An archive of papers on Intellectual Property, including some of the main legal documents and the criticisms of them.

Intellectual Property Issues
The website of The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation provides a number of intellectual property issues.

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Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom
We are the official government body responsible for Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the United Kingdom. These rights include Patents, Designs, Trade marks, and Copyright.

Office of the U.S. Intellectual Property enforcement Coordinator

Open-access Communication Info-Communism: A Progressive Path Forward or a Political and Intellectual Dead End?
This link provides two options – a video link and an audio link – for a presentation on how open communication is impacting on the intellectual property rights on its owners and software patents.

President Obama Supports IP
This article describes the efforts to protect intellectual property undertaken by President Obama to promote innovation and growth.

The ICC Intellectual Property Roadmap 2012
A roadmap for business and policymakers, ICC’s flagship IP publication provides a comprehensive and concise overview of key intellectual property policy issues today.

Video: The Ingenesis Project
This video describes how intellectual property is increasingly becoming an issue in today’s cloud computing environment.

What is Intellectual Property?
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office definition and info.

What is Intellectual Property?
This link provides a wealth of information on intellectual property.

World Intellectual Property Organization portal
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property (patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, etc.) as a means of stimulating innovation and creativity.

Video: Is Intellectual Property REALLY property?
YouTube video outlining arguments against IP.

Intellectual Property Watch website
Intellectual Property Watch provides independent news, features and analysis on
international IP policymaking such as trade, health, and digital rights.