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Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Health Information Technology
Health information technology (HIT) provides the umbrella framework to describe the comprehensive management of health information across computerized systems and its secure exchange between consumers, providers, government and quality entities, and insurers.

Healthcare video library of Center for Disease Control.

Cloud Hangs Over a Virginia Medical Center
This article cites the use of the cloud-based file-sharing system by a medical center in Virginia.

Cloud Computing in Health Industry
This article discusses the issue of access to healthcare records of patients, which would require further innovation of technology.

E-Health Europe
Offers Health IT success stories, research, and news from across Europe.

Government Health IT
Government Health IT is the definitive source for news and information on how government is driving the adoption of information technology in healthcare.

Healthcare Infomatics Magazine
Health care information technology & IT strategy news for CIOs, CMIOs & clinical informaticists. Learn about EMR EHR, ARRA HITECH, wireless technologies & meaningful use policy.

Health Information Privacy
This HHS website includes documents that discuss how the privacy rule can facilitate the electronic exchanges of health information.

Health IT
Health Resources and Services Administration website, which includes information such as rural Health IT adoption, Health IT for children’s providers.

Healthcare IT News
Health IT industry focused news site offering current news, white papers, research, multimedia, and online seminars related to Health IT.

Healthcare Privacy and Security
This HHS website has a wealth of information on various aspects of healthcare such as privacy, security, and innovation in healthcare.

Health Information Technology Act of 2009
S.179 – A bill to improve quality in health care by providing incentives for adoption of modern information technology. Website
Putting the “I” into Healthcare IT

Health IT/Health Technology – Fierce Health IT Website
Health IT news and web posts.

Health IT Issues – ITIF Website

Health IT Management
The official Journal of European Association of Healthcare IT Managers.

Health IT Security
Latest health IT security news, tips, and product information.

HIMSS Health IT Policy Update – HIMSS Website
Health IT Policy Update is packed with detailed analysis of the latest news and is published every Friday on the HIMSS Web site.

Is Health IT Going Mainstream?
Today, the general consumer is most likely experiencing first-hand the advent of technology in the care process — from an unexpected visit to the ER to “liking” their primary care provider on Facebook.

Journal of Medical Internet Research
Report on Health Related Activities on Second Life. Would you see a Second Life Doctor?

TEDMED – Conference coming to Washington DC and San Francisco in 2014
Be inspired by many sessions of talks from doers and thinkers who are creating the future of health and medicine.

The Cost of Technology in Healthcare
This report from The New England Journal of Medicine discusses the cost of healthcare and its innovation of technology.

Unlocking the Potential of Physician-to-Patient Telehealth Services
This report describes the new telehealth opportunity, analyzes the benefits from telehealth, and examines the barriers to widespread adoption in the U.S. Also, this paper proposes recommendation for government and policymakers.

Video — YouTube
Technology in Health Care: the Value & the Vision (01/20/10).