Games? Massive Multi-User Online Worlds & 3D Virtual Worlds (Second Life)

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Online Games
An online game is a video game played over some form of computer network or on a video game console such as the Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation 3.

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Virtual World
A virtual world is an online community that takes the form of a computer-based simulated environment through which users can interact with one another and use and create objects


3D Virtual Worlds List
A 3D Virtual World contains the following traits: 1. Its a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. 2. It renders in 3D (ruling out the literally hundreds of 2D flash virtual worlds like Club Penguin and Gaia Online). 3. It allows for multiple types of activities, primarily non-competitive social ones. (ruling out the dozens of MMORPG games as well as single activity games).

A Lesson From the E-Gaming Companies
This article compares the strategy of online game companies to offer free games with the The New York Times’ decision to limit its online contents to the paying customers.

Future of On-Line Games
This article cites the future of online games.

A News portal on game development, including articles, special features, guides, company reviews, and conference information.

Gaming can make a better world
Jane McGonigal gives a Ted talk that explores harnessing the millions of hours humans spend playing games each year in order to solve the world’s problems.

Got Game?
This website has a collection of various online games, particularly geared to younger children.

Introduction to Second Life
A YouTube video offering historical view of Second Life and its applications in business, education, media, and social networking.

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
Offers an in depth explanation of Massive Multi User On-line Role Playing Games.

Online Game Reviews
GameSpy is your source for PC gaming intelligence, with the latest PC game news, reviews

PBS Kids: Time To Play
This website has a number of family-friendly and educational games for children.

Video: Second life documentary
An interesting documentary on Second life.

Video: What is Second Life? 
Second Life is an online 3D virtual world imagined and designed by you. A Video Introduction from Second Life.

YouTube Video –, Patent Pending 3D Virtual World For Kids
Kuboo is a patent pending 3D Virtual World for kids, a fun safe virtual world for children to interact, learn and make new friends worldwide.

YouTube Video – Second Life – The Online 3D Virtual World
Second Life is an online 3D virtual world imagined and designed by you. From the moment you enter Second Life, you’ll discover a universe brimming with people and possibilities.