Defense Applications & Social Networking

Guide to Online Social Networking For Military Families
The Guide is designed to help military families understand online social networking sites, the basic features that are typically available, and the benefits of using such sites.

Military Social Media Guide
Social media tools and rules for families to be connected with love ones on military duty.

Open-Source Social Networking Project Launched by Defense Contractor
The nation’s largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, launches Eureka Streams, a new open-source project for enterprise social networking.

Special Forces plan social network hybrid app
The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) wants to create a voice-based social networking application that’s a hybrid of talk radio and Twitter.

Social Networking Sites – Weapon, Threat and Target
The use of social networking sites by groups opposing the rule of current government in Iran, Egypt and other countries have caught the attention of intelligence agencies around the world. The capabilities of social networking sites have three core attributes – a weapon, a threat and a target.

Social Media @ DOD Website
DOD stories on the use of social media.