Crowdsourcing & The Wisdom of Crowds

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcing tasks to a distributed group of people. This process can occur both online and offline.[1] The difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific body, such as paid employees.



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Crowdsourcing & The UN
UNISDR interviewed Nathaniel Manning, Director of Business Development and Strategy, of Nairobi-based Ushahidi on his view of how the UN can use technology like Ushahidi to “crowd-source” information for post-2015.


Crowdsourcing – Mashable Website
Recent posts and news about crowdsourcing. Website
Founded in 2010, the industry website,, is a neutral organization dedicated solely to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. As one of the most influential and credible authorities in the crowdsourcing space, is recognized worldwide for its intellectual capital, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding practice expertise and unbiased thought leadership.

Week CS Website
Crowdsourcing Week focuses on how crowdsourcing can address the needs of leaders to bring about meaningful changes.

Daily Crowdsource Website
Founded by David Bratvold in sunny San Diego, Daily Crowdsource is an open-format website that aims to educate the public on the topic of crowdsourcing.  Daily Crowdsource is the #1 source for crowdsourcing related news.

List of crowdsourcing projects
List of hundreds of projects that rely on crowdsourcing/open innovation.

List of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples & Best Practices
List of websites, blogs, and development platforms for crowdsourcing.

YouTube Video – Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Explained
A short animated film by, narrated by’s Founder, Carl Esposti, describing the four different ways Crowdsourcing works and the five different categories of things you can do with crowdsourcing.

You Tube Video – What is Crowdsourcing?
YouTube video February 2010