Context-Aware Computing Links

Wikipedia Definition & Overview – Context Awareness
Context awareness originated as a term from ubiquitous computing or as so-called pervasive computing which sought to deal with linking changes in the environment with computer systems, which are otherwise static.


Context-Aware Computing
Context-awareness, context-aware user interfaces, and implicit interaction.

Context-Aware Computing: Beyond Search and Location-Based Services
The holy grail of search is intent; of browsing, scent; and of classification, meaning. Each of these pillar technologies of the information age therefore depends critically on extracting and mining human context. Context awareness is the discipline that brings together technologies for extracting data about the larger human context and reasoning with that data at scale.

The Evolving Context-Aware Ecosystem: Location, Proximity & Privacy
A look at how context-aware computing is changing life for the connected consumer.

Video: Seamless Self-aware and Context-aware Computing
Mark Van Name, CEO of Principled Technologies and science-fiction writer, provides insights into seamless, self-aware, and context-aware computing in his interview with Intel Software Network’s Amy Barton.

What Does Context Aware Computing Mean?
In the last months Context Aware Computing became a more and more frequently used term in the IT press. A few weeks ago, Gartner mentioned Context Aware Computing as one of their Top 10 Technology Trends for 2012.