The Role of Badges in Online Education


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

Uber, Badging, and Higher Ed
This article asks the question ‘Is the value of higher education slowly diminishing?’. Is a college degree no longer the worthwhile investment that it once was? If so, maybe badges will be the credentials of the future.

Open Badges for Higher Education
This document explains what open badges for higher education are, the challenges that they face, example programs, and many other analyses of the topic.

How Badges Really Work in Higher Education
This article helps to better explain what badges in higher education really are; how they are similar to trade school where students get a certification in a specific topic. The students are gaining real experience in the process, and can earn the badge much faster than it would take to obtain a degree at a traditional college.

Badging From Within
This article discusses UC Davis’ badge for sustainable agriculture and how it adds to degrees for students rather than acting as a substitute.

Open Badges
This is the case study for the open badge program at UC Davis.

Badges for Higher Education
This website was created by an alliance of people who are “focused on finding ways to get badges included in the admissions evaluation process for higher education as well as credentialing course content and informal learning experiences.”

Digital Badges Gain Traction in Higher Education
This article describes the increasing support of digital badges and how more and more people are interested in propelling their use and legitimizing them.

Reconnect Learning
This website is an outgrowth of efforts to both research and support the growing digital badge ecosystem.

The Potential and Value of Using Digital Badges for Adult Learners
This report discusses how digital badges can be beneficial to adult learners in particular.

Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities Through Digital Badges
This report explores digital badges and how they can be used to improve student learning and outcomes, as well as expand vocational and interest-based skills for learners of all ages.

Show Me Your Badge
This article discusses how digital badges used in other areas of technology can be used to improve higher education.