The $10,000 College Degree


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

$10,000 Bachelor’s Degree Now Available in Texas
This blog post goes into detail about the $10,000 degree programs now being offered in Texas and how the public is reacting to them.

The $10,000 Bachelor’s Degree Arrives
This article discusses the first $10,000 degree program offered by the College for America, which is a competency-based program.

Competency and Affordability
This article describes the College for America’s competency-based bachelor’s degree programs.

The Nation’s First Fully Accredited, $10,000 Bachelor’s Degree Programs
This is the website for the College for America’s $10,000 bachelor’s degree programs. Here they show the different programs offered as well as their style of teaching, purpose, etc.

Texas’ ‘Impossible’ $10k Degree Marches On
This article discusses how the idea of the $10k degree was met with much skepticism when first proposed. It also makes it clear that the program has not failed yet.

Rick Perry Says 13 Texas Universities Have Announced or Implemented a $10,000 Degree
This article describes how other universities in Texas are following the trend of creating affordable college degree programs.

Inside the $10,000 Degree: How Some Schools are Making College More Affordable
This article talks about how schools are able to make $10,000 degree programs possible.

Allan Rodgers: The $10,000 College Degree
This commentary discusses the $10,000 degree programs in Texas and New Hampshire, and how other universities throughout the country are intrigued by the idea.

Innovative Idea Leads to $10,000 College Degree Option
This article describes the $10,000 bachelor’s degree program being offered at Brandman University in California.

The $10,000 Community College B.A.
This article discusses California’s initiative to make affordable bachelor’s degree programs available at community colleges.

Branstad Proposes Fixed Prices for College Degrees
This article talks about how Iowa governor Terry Branstad is following the trend of advocating for affordable higher education, specifically the $10,000 degree.