Service Sharing Issues – Libraries, Registration, Etc.


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

Open Data and Open Discourse at Boston Public Schools
This chapter analyzes the use of open data and open discourse at Boston public schools, and ultimately tries to prove how open data can catalyze change around social issues.

The Power of Open Education Data
This government initiative describes how university presidents met with Vice President Biden, among other people, to discuss how to keep college affordable and keep students informed.

For Libraries, MOOCs Bring Uncertainty and Opportunity
This article discusses the role that academic librarians play in MOOCs and distance learning.

Shared Services Gaining Ground in Higher Education
This article describes how Yale is utilizing shared services, particularly in their administrative departments.

Shared Services Backlash
This article discusses the opposition that the University of Michigan was met with after incorporating shared services to save money on staff costs.

Shared Services: Why is Higher Education So Late to the Party
This article shares the obstacles universities have encountered in trying to incorporate shared services at their institutions.

Service Sharing Between Municipalities and Schools in New York State: Least Where Need is Greatest
This scholarly article discusses how tightening fiscal conditions led to shared services in New York State.

Higher Education in the Age of Austerity: Shared Service, Outsourcing, and Entrepreneurship
This scholarly article describes the increased need for shared services in the UK amongst universities.

Open Data Partnerships Between Firms and Universities: the Role of Boundary Organizations
This scholarly article analyzes what problems can be encountered by open data between firms and university researchers.

How Open Is University Data?
This article suggests why having open data in higher education would be beneficial.