Predictors for Success in Online Education


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

Student Demographics and Success in Online Learning Environments
This scholarly articles analyzes the relationship between student demographics and success in online learning environments.

Identifying the Online Student
This article discusses what demographic of students choose to take classes online. Specifying that population is useful to predict success.

Learners’ Characteristics as Determinants of Learners’ Preference for Distance Education
This study investigated the influence of learners’ characteristics on learners’ preference for distance education. The learners’ characteristics under investigation included sex, age, marital status and employment status.

Trends in E-Learning: Tracking the Impact of E-Learning at Community Colleges
The Instructional Technology Council invited its member institutions to provide valuable information about their programs to distance education practitioners. One hundred and forty three community colleges completed the ITC survey. This is the results.

Research on Adult Learners: Supporting the Needs of a Student Population that is No Longer Nontraditional
This article analyzers adult learners in particular as they are a large population of online learners.

Demographic Distribution as an Influence on Course Content in Distance and Campus Based TEFL Programmes
This scholarly article analyzes the distribution of students between campus and distance learning at one particular university, and how the distribution influences course content and student success.

Investigating Factors That Influence Social Presence and Learning Outcomes in Distance Higher Education
This scholarly article takes a look at what different student characteristics influence learning satisfaction in online education.

Student Evaluation of Instruction: In the New Paradigm if Distance Education
This scholarly article attempts to understand student learning and experiences in online education.

Applying Social Learning Analytics to Message Boards in Online Distance Learning: A Case Study
This case study tests whether social networks can be a reliable predictor of academic performance.

Perceived Satisfaction, Perceived Usefulness and Interactive Learning Environments as Predictors to Self-Regulation in E-Learning Environments
This scholarly article investigates student self-regulation in online education.

Predictors of Exam Performance in Web and Lecture Courses
This scholarly article tries to identify what factors determine a student’s exam performance in distance learning.