National and State Initiatives in Online Education – New York, Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Etc.


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

UT Looking to Make More Massive Online Courses
This article is about the discussion of MOOCs amongst political circles, and how the idea of offering academic credit for MOOCs is supported by some leading politicians in Texas.

Skepticism About Tenure, MOOCs and the Presidency: a Survey of Provosts
This article discusses the view of provosts in relation to MOOCs and the presidency.

Obama Puts Federal Weight Behind Calls for College Affordability
This article highlights how President Obama is advocating for college affordability.

Universities Rethinking Their Use of Massive Online Courses
This article discusses how political circles in Texas are considering MOOCs as a crucial component of the future of higher education.

Office of Science and Technology Policy Initiatives
This webpage provides links to a variety of initiatives, programs, projects, and activities that relate to technology and education as well as other industries.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
This webpage discusses FERPA, a federal law that protects the educational records of American students.

Online Education Policy Draws Fire in California
This article talks about the debate amongst educational representatives and providers in California over the impact of online, computer mediated instruction on higher education.

The Bill on Disabled Access to Online Teaching Materials, the Devil’s in the Details
This article discusses the ‘Technology, Equality, and Accessibility in College and Higher Education Act’.

National Education Technology Plan
This webpage, the office of educational technology, provides a report about how technology can transform American education.

The Maryland Educational Technology Plan for the New Millennium
This report provides Maryland’s plan for incorporating technology into education from 2007-2012.

‘Bill of Rights’ Seeks to Protect Students’ Interests as Online Learning Rapidly Expands
This article addresses how some educators are concerned with the protection of the interests of students as online education continues to rise.

Florida’s Large Scale Program
This is the website for the University of Florida’s Distance Learning Programs. The various programs offered at every ‘campus’ will appear the same as if the students were graduating from on-campus degree programs. They offer quite a variety of online bachelors, masters, doctorate, specialist, and international degree programs.

U. of Florida Online Bachelor’s Programs Win State Approval
This article talks about the state’s approval of online degree programs when U. of Florida just launched their distance learning section.

California’s Large Scale Program
This is the website for California State University’s online programs. Many of these programs can be completed entirely online or a combination of online and in the classroom. There are five online bachelor’s degree programs offered and two online master’s degree programs offered.

Shrinking Cal State Online
This article expands upon the view that Cal State Online has not been much of a success since its implementation.

New York’s Large Scale Program
This is the website for Open SUNY, where are the online programs are listed and described.

Economies of Scale
This article takes a look at how Florida and New York aim to centralize and expand online education.

State University of New York Pushing Online Classes
This article goes into detail about how the massive state university has created a network of online courses available to all of its students.

Texas’ Large Scale Program
This is the website to the online consortium, which is Texas’ virtual college. Students can get degrees from online courses offered from different campuses or just one, but it links all the universities together making online courses readily available to everyone.