From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

MOOCs of Hazard
This article tries to answer the question of whether or not online education will negatively affect the college experience, and if it is worth it.

Can You Really Teach a MOOC in a Refugee Camp?
This article addresses the issue of whether MOOCs can truly teach people around the world, or if it just attracts a certain type of student.

The Growth of Online College Education and Changing Attitudes About MOOCs
This article uses infographics to help explain the shifting attitudes towards distance learning over the past ten years.

The MOOC Where Everybody Learned
This article discusses research conducted by people at MIT that proves that anybody, not just well-educated people, can succeed and learn from MOOCs.

Four Barriers That MOOCs Must Overcome to Build a Sustainable Model
This article discusses how MOOCs must evolve to be more successful in the future.

Time for the New Fall Season – for TV and for MOOCs
This article discusses how, like tv seasons being renewed in the fall, universities come up with new MOOCs and release them in the fall.

Optimism About MOOCs Fades in Campus IT Offices
This article tries to explain why the hype over MOOCs is fading.

MOOCs Being Embraced by Top US Universities
This article touches on what specific universities throughout the country are supporting MOOCs, and how that support is giving credibility to this new form of education.

Rethinking Low Completion Rates in MOOCs
This article dives in a little deeper to the commonly known fact that MOOCs have low completion rates.

From MOOC to Shining MOOC
This article attempts to answer the question of whether or not MOOCs can attract international students to US colleges and universities.

Sexual Harassment in the Age of MOOCs
This article discusses the issue of sexual harassment in the college setting, and how it is changing or staying the same as more classes are taught online.

The MOOC Hype Fades, in 3 Charts
This article uses graphs and charts to help explain why the hype over MOOCs is fading.

MOOCs — Completion is Not Important
This article argues that completion rates in MOOCs do not define the usefulness of this method of learning.

Meet the New, Self-Appointed MOOC Accreditors: Google and Instagram
This article discusses how companies like Google and Instagram are joining forces with MOOC producers to help design them.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Market 2015-2020: mEducation, Distance, Open & e-Learning in Higher Education & Enterprise
This report shares its prediction as to how MOOCs will grow in the next few years.

Why Massive Open Online Courses (still) Matter
This TED Talk by Anant Agarwal, the head of edX, is about how even though the first year of results from MOOCs was not ideal, they are still important, and he explains why.

This TEDx Talk by Charles Severance discusses the topic of MOOCs in general.

Salman Khan: Let’s Use Video to Reinvent Education
This is both an article and a TED Talk by Salman Khan, the creator of Khan Academy. Here he discusses how the incorporation of video will completely transform education.

From Socrates to MOOCs
In this TEDx Talk by Martin Vetterli, the new revolution of MOOCs is compared to the ideas of Socrates.

What is a MOOC?
This video gives a very basic definition of what a MOOC is.

The Year of the MOOC
This article talks about the rapid growth of MOOCs in the past year and how much progress companies like edX and Coursera have made.

MOOCs 101
This is a playlist of 7 TED Talks that discuss MOOCs.

  • “The self-organizing computer course” by Shimon Shocken
  • “The 100,000 student classroom” by Peter Norvig
  • “What we’re learning from online education” by Daphne Koller
  • “Why massive open online courses (still) matter” by Anant Agarwal
  • “Let’s use video to reinvent education” by Salman Khan
  • “The birth of the open-source learning revolution” by Richard Baraniuk
  • “An ultra-low-cost college degree” by Shai Reshef

Online Rx for ‘Cost Disease’
This article talks about Bill Bowen’s recent book about MOOCs and online education.

This article covers the issue where Coursera was forced to call off a MOOC due to complaints about the course.

Universities Try MOOCs in Bid to Lure Successful Students to Online Programs
This article discusses how universities are using MOOCs to attract students to their online degree programs by offering academic credit for the completion of a MOOC.

MOOCs for Credit
This article discusses how some universities are beginning to offer academic credit for the completion of MOOCs.

MOOCs Missing Pieces
This article tries to address the key areas where MOOCs are flawed and offers suggestions as to what changes need to be made to make them the most effective.

Course Development and MOOCs
This blog post goes into a bit of detail about how MOOCs are developed and the technology behind it.

Online Learning: Campus 2.0
This article discusses how MOOCs are transforming higher education and have opened the doors to much scientific research.

Who Owns a MOOC?
This article addresses the issue that many professors are concerned with, MOOCs undermining professors’ intellectual property.

5 Myths About Open Online Courses at Scale
This blog post talks about some of the key concerns many people have about MOOCs.