Coursera, edX, and Udacity


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

Coursera Expands Its MOOC Certificate Program
This article describes how Coursera is now awarding certificates to students who complete many MOOCs.

How edX Plans to Earn, and Share, Revenue From Its Free Online Courses
This article discusses the many challenges that edX faces in earning enough revenue because it is a non-profit organization.

Twice As Many MOOCs
This article talks about how Coursera and edX are adding universities and expanding their course catalogs in the hopes of expanding their global reach.

edX Will Offer Grading Software
This ‘quick take’ explains how edX has created a free grading software to help teachers grade short essays.

The Problem With edX
This article shares its key concerns with edX when it was first created.

This is Coursera’s website, where its different courses can be accessed.

This is edX’s website. Its many free courses can be accessed here.

This is the Udacity website. Many of the courses offered here are technology related.

Education for Everyone, Coursera by the Numbers
This is the Coursera Blog, and this specific web page shows some statistics about Coursera’s growth over the past two years.

Coursera, an Online Education Company, Raises Another $43 Million
This article discusses the techniques used by Coursera to raise more money, and the financially successes that it has had.

edX Now Offers Professional Education
This is the edX blog, and in this web page it discusses how edX is now offering courses that will help its students to advance their careers.