Competency-Based Programs

Competency- Based Learning at WGU: What is it?
This video better explains what the competency-based learning style of teaching at Western Governors University is.


A Natural Fit? Overview of Competency-Based Education
This lecture goes into further detail about what competency-based learning is and how it is carried out in an education setting.


Rise of Customized Learning
This article discusses how competency-based education continues to spread, particularly in programs aimed at working adults.


Competency-Based Learning Provides Perks for Online Students
This article describes the convenience of competency-based learning; how students can work at their own pace and test out of courses they have already mastered.


U. of Akron to Help Students Test Out of Courses
This article goes into detail about how U. of Akron is attempting to solve a problem in higher education by creating opportunities for students to test out of courses that they have already mastered.


Are You Competent? Prove It.
This article discusses how universities are working to improve college affordability by awarding degrees based on what you can do, not how long you went.


Competency-Based Learning. We Value What You Already Know.
This is Western Governors University’s webpage about competency-based learning. They are one of the leading online universities that use and develop competency-based learning.


What is Competency-Based Education?
This article helps to define competency-based education. In addition, it also gives the benefits of this type of learning.


Competency-Based Learning or Personalized Learning
This web page is the U.S. Department of Education’s description of competency-based learning. It also lists the state and district efforts throughout the country.


Competency-Based Education 2.0
This article goes into detail about competency-based education’s approach to learning and teaching.


Change From Within
This article discusses how Paul LeBlanc, the president at Southern New Hampshire University, took a temporary post at the Department of Education to help encourage more experimentation with competency-based learning.


Productivity Implications of a Shift to Competency-Based Education: An Environmental Scan and Review of the Relevant Literature
This report was published by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario. It examines the literature surrounding competency-based education to identify its impact on cost and quality of higher education.