Barriers to Success in Online Education


From Fall 2015 Technology in Education Data Base

At Risk Learners and Online Education
This podcast by Daryl Diamond addresses how at-risk students react to distance learning.

How Do Students Want to Learn in Online Distance Education? Profiling Student Preferences
This scholarly article identifies how students want to learn, and how the existing model for online education can inhibit that.

Attracting, Preparing, and Retaining Under-Represented Populations in Rural and Remote Alberta-North Communities
This scholarly article takes a look at a specific population of students in a rural/remote region, and discusses barriers to attracting, preparing, and retaining them to distance learning.

‘Remote From What?’ Perspectives of Distance Learning Students in Remote Rural Areas of Scotland
This scholarly article takes that view that distance learning eliminates barriers to success for students that would have otherwise been in an unsatisfactory school system.

Investigating Perceived Barriers to the Use of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education in Tanzania
This scholarly article analyzes the barriers that exist to access open educational resources in Tanzania.

Online Graduate Students’ Preferences of Discussion Modality: Does Gender Matter?
This scholarly article attempts to answer the question of whether gender is a barrier to success in online learning.

Impact of Students’ Cognitive Style Characteristics on the Perception of Barriers in Online Education
This scholarly article examines barriers to success in online education.

E-Learning in Postsecondary Education
This scholarly article thoroughly examines the flaws in the increasingly widespread distance learning, and how these flaws inhibit student success.

Faculty-Perceived Barriers of Online Education
This article identifies the barriers to success in online education from the perspective of faculty.

Online Penalty
This article finds that student success lags online based on the study of California community college students.

Foster Strengths and Circumvent Weaknesses: Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Versus Face-to-Face Subgroup Discourse
This scholarly article points out the pros and cons of distance learning versus in-class education.