Redmon Group Background


Redmon Group Inc. (RGI) is a leading multimedia software development firm located in Alexandria, Virginia outside of Washington, D.C. Since 1990, RGI has specialized in assisting commercial, federal, international, and university organizations attain their goals and objectives through the intelligent application of information technologies.

RGI develops CD-ROM Titles, Multimedia Kiosks, Computer-Based Training, Multimedia Presentations, and Productivity Enhancement software.

CD-Rom Development

The Beer Hunter CD-ROM title for the Discovery Channel. This title guides the user through the beer renaissance in America. The Beer Hunter includes detailed information on the nation’s best beers as well as sections on the art and history of brewing. The title is hosted by beer expert and best-selling author Michael Jackson.

Bridge to A Sustainable Future and Industry Leadership For A Sustainable Future CD-ROM titles in cooperation with The White House and Global Environment & Technology Foundation. These CDs were developed under the guidance of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to support the Technology for a Sustainable Future Initiative and to provide information on the Private sector resources to implement the National Environmental Technology Strategy.

A CD-ROM sales demonstration title for Hewlett-Packard Corporation. This disc explains the features and benefits of HP’s 100VG-AnyLAN high speed data transfer and management technology.

Explore your World interactive CD-ROM sampler disc for the Discovery Channel. This CD enables users to interactively preview all of Discovery’s multimedia products.

Dinosaur Hunter and Weather Tracker children CD-ROM titles for Digital Wisdom. These titles were developed as the interactive components of the Discovery KitsTM for Running Press.

Multimedia Bible Interactive for ARK Multimedia Publishing. The title includes two contemporary Bible texts, life application notes, commentaries by famous personalities, interactive maps, personality profiles of Bible characters, hymns arranged for today, and personal testimonies.

Multimedia Kiosks

RGI has an alliance with the Multimedia Group at IBM in the development of multi-lingual multimedia kiosks in retail stores throughout the world. These kiosks feature product information, store news, and automated shopping lists.

RGI is developing a kiosk system for the Discovery Channel which will be located in computer software stores to interactively promote Discovery’s multimedia products.

The Fairfax County Government in Virginia has contracted the Redmon Group to develop multimedia kiosks for the County Libraries. These kiosks provide county and mass transportation information to county residents.

RGI has a long-term contract with George Mason University for the development of student information kiosks throughout the campus. These kiosks enable students to access information on courses, faculty, degree information, grants and scholarships.

Through a subcontracting arrangement, RGI developed the Employee Orientation Program and Livestock Feed Programs for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. An online survey program was incorporated in order to gather feedback from the end-user.

Computer-Based Training

The Redmon Group analyzed, designed and produced a Windows-based tutorial and simulation of Wal-Mart’s Retail Link Information System. This courseware was used to train Wal-Mart trading partners at more than 3000 sites.

The National Library of Medicine awarded a three-year indefinite delivery and quantity contract to the Redmon Group to provide programming services and to produce a Windows-based Multimedia simulation and tutorial of their on-line databases.

The National Cancer Institute awarded a three-year indefinite delivery and quantity contract to the Redmon Group to provide programming services and produce a DOS-based simulation and tutorial of their on-line databases.

Productivity Enhancement

Redmon Group analyzed, designed, and developed a knowledge-based project design application for the United Nations. This program standardizes and provides assistance to personnel within developing countries in the data collection and information required for submitting project proposals to the United Nations Headquarters.

Redmon Group is the developer and support center for the Pitney Bowes Electronic Price Book, a tool that allows Pitney Bowes sales representatives to build instant quotations from an extensive database.

Multimedia Marketing Presentations

RGI provides multimedia services to LORAL Federal Systems for their SBIS contract with the U.S. Army. Multimedia presentations have been developed by RGI to assist LORAL in their client meetings.

RGI developed a disk brochure for Dreyfus Institutional Services. This disk enables potential customers the ability to interactively view Dreyfus products and services.

RGI developed college disk brochures for Mary Baldwin College, Roanoke College, and George Mason University. These disks enable students to interactively preview information on colleges as well as having an online application.

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