The CAPBUILD system was designed in a joint effort between ICASIT and Redmon Group, Inc.

CAPBUILD is intended to be the first in a series of computerized project design assistants intended to improve the quality of capacity-building projects for the United Nations. These programs are produced by the United Nations Development Programme, a foremost practitioner of capacity building in all developing countries. These computer programs combine the templates and instructions for preparing the documentation with expert guidance and commentary. CAPBUILD is not just a tool for producing a project document, it is also a tool for designing a high-quality project.

CAPBUILD takes a user through each step in the process of designing a project to strengthen an organization’s institutional capacity – an “institution-building project.” Each aspect of the design process is addressed – identifying the feasibility of a project request, defining the existing capacity of the organization, and determining the elements of the capacity-building project.

Sample screens from CAPBUILD:

Screen 1
Screen 2